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Varonis for Manufacturing

Protect manufacturing data from overexposure and cyberthreats. 


Defend against costly breaches.

Threats against the manufacturing sector continue to grow. With an average of 6 million files open to every employee, the effects of an attack can be widespread and crippling—halting assembly lines and disrupting supply chains globally. Nearly half of all manufacturing companies are still underprepared, making them a prime target for attackers.

average number of files an employee at a manufacturing firm can access
of sensitive files (like trade secrets) are open to every employee

Secure manufacturing data. 

Automatically identify and classify sensitive proprietary data such as intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets across your cloud and on-premise data stores and limit who can access it. Varonis can implement access changes automatically without interrupting day-to-day operations.

Prevent ransomware & insider threats.

Varonis automatically detects early signs of suspicious activity with behavior-based threat models. Alerts can trigger automated responses, like ending affected users’ sessions or changing passwords, to stop an attack in its tracks. 

Investigate incidents fast.

The average breach in the manufacturing sector takes 220 days to contain. The long threat lifecycle represents an existential risk for companies that lack enterprise-wide visibility into their data activity.

Varonis creates a normalized record of every file, folder, and email activity across your on-prem and cloud environments. Quickly investigate a security incident with a detailed forensics log. Search and filter by user, file server, event type, etc., to confidently answer, “are my trade secrets safe?”

Manufacturing testimonial
Varonis is a best-of-breed, world-class solution. It allows us to do everything from managing share permissions to locating sensitive data to securing our on-prem and cloud environments. Doing all of that from a single pane of glass saves us time.
Infrastructure Manager, U.S. Manufacturer Read the case study