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Looped nested groups can be annoying at best and performance-degrading at worst. Some applications may get stuck in an infinite loop if they try to enumerate the members of a group which loops back on itself. Removing looped nested groups improves the overall health of your AD environment.

From the list on the left, find “No. of looped nested groups,” click on it to highlight the selection, and click the “>” arrow to move it to the selection field (Optional: select the color of the chart using the drop-down menu).

Tips for interpreting this report

During a remediation process, you should see a line sloping downward from left to right indicating the offending group looping has been corrected.  Once the remediation is complete, the line should stabilize (ideally at 0) and remain that way over time.  Any spikes indicate a group has been embedded back in on itself and should be investigated to avoid access issues.

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