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Keeping some disabled accounts in AD is common practice under certain circumstances. For example, if an employee is on temporary leave the account is disabled until they return, or a terminated employee account is kept disabled for a fixed amount of time until all their data is backed up.  However, maintaining an AD infrastructure with a high number of disabled accounts adds management overhead and complexity.

From the list on the left, find “No. of disabled users,” click on it to highlight the selection, and click the “>” arrow to move it to the selection field (Optional:  select the color of the chart using the drop-down menu).

Tips for interpreting this report

During an AD cleanup project this graph should have a downward slope from left to right as disabled accounts are purged.  Once AD is in an operationalized state, the graph may fluctuate as users leave the organization (or go on long-term leave), but should return to a consistent level after the accounts are purged.  If there is a consistent upward trend over time it means accounts are not getting purged on a consistent basis and AD is at risk of falling into sub-optimal conditions.

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