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The Varonis Recommendations Engine pinpoints individuals with over-permissive access. Acting on these recommendations is a fast and accurate way to reduce excessive permissions. This key metric highlights how many users have access to data that is no longer relevant to their role, which helps IT maintain a least-privilege access model.

From the list on the left, find “No. of users with removal recommendations,” click on it to highlight the selection, and click the “>” arrow to move it to the selection field (Optional: select the color of the chart using the drop-down menu).

Tips for interpreting this report

During the initial deployment of DatAdvantage, this graph will show an incline as the analytics engine develops recommendations and trend downward as entitlement review are operationalized.  Minor fluctuations will occur as users change roles or no longer require access to data, but will return to a consistent level as reviews take place.  A steady rise in the graph indicates recommendations are going unfollowed, meaning a least-privilege model is not being strongly enforced and data may be exposed to people without business need-to-know.

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