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This DatAdvantage report specifically targets the amount of classified sensitive data being exposed by global groups, representing a significant opportunity for the theft, or misuse of the most valuable data in an organization.

From the list on the left, find “No. of sensitive folders accessible by global access groups,” click on it to highlight the selection, and click the “>” arrow to move it to the selection field (Optional:  select the color of the chart using the drop-down menu).

Tips for interpreting this report

During a remediation process, you should see a line sloping downward from left to right, indicating top-level/protected folders having global groups removed.  Once the remediation is complete, the line will stabilize as flat at a steady-state (ideally at 0), and remain that way over time.

Any spikes indicate creation of new folders with global groups that should be remediated, as they pose an increase in potential risk to your most valuable assets.

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