Dell EMC & Varonis

Best-in-class storage deserves best-in-class security


Why Varonis & Dell EMC?

Dell EMC and Varonis have teamed up to provide world-class storage and security solutions to address the reality of today’s computing environment.

Varonis analyzes access events (from CEE and many other systems) to detect and alert on suspicious activity like ransomware and other insider threats that are harder to spot and put organizations at even greater risk of security breaches.

Quarantine sensitive and regulated content, discover data to collect for legal hold, identify data to archive and delete, and optimize your existing platforms.

What is Varonis?

Think of Varonis as User Behavior Analytics for Isilon — customers are using it to fight ransomware and other insider threats. By watching and analyzing access activity (through CEE) – Varonis sees ransomware, stops it and then makes recovery simple. Varonis also finds sensitive and regulated files and data owners, locks down permissions, and automates access provisioning, migrations and dispositions.

Analyze data, account activity, and user behavior
See a granular audit trail of every single file or email touch (who did, what they did, and when)
Detect cyberattacks, defend against ransomware, and perform forensics
Varonis threat models utilize thresholds, statistical analysis, and machine learning to trigger alerts on what looks unusual and uncover potential security issues
Identify stale, sensitive, and vulnerable data
Scan and classify critical data and highlight sensitive and stale data that is vulnerable and overexpose
Migrate and Archive intelligently
Identify the right data to migrate and archive, perform migrations while keeping permissions intact, and provide storage and security intelligence for your NAS.
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Identify and Defend Against Ransomware with Varonis and Dell EMC Isilon

See how Varonis and Dell EMC Isilon team up to help defend against cyberattacks.

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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • Help - i've got questions!

    Get in touch and we'll follow up with answers to your questions. If you have questions about a specific opportunity, please include its location, market vertical and company size.

  • Varonis Installation & Requirements

    Essentially, we need a dedicated SQL Instance on one box (physical or virtual) and another to install Varonis on. Once we figure a date/time that works, we’ll schedule a quick 5 minute call to discuss the environment such that we can provide recommended sizing.

    • A Windows server capable of running the Celerra Event Enabler (CEE) Framework package.
    • Optional – CEPA server on a dedicated machine
  • Isilon Security Requirements

    OneFS versions 7.1.0.x - The Varonis FileWalk service account requires:

    • Membership in the cluster's Local Administrator group
    • "Run As Root" permissions on an appropriate top-level SMB share for which all data to be indexed is a child object. If the service account cannot be granted Run As Root to the
      share(s) permissions, then the service account must be explicitly assigned with file system permissions to all unique objects within the directory tree; otherwise, Access Denied errors
      may be encountered.

    OneFS versions 7.1.1.x and 7.2.x - The Varonis FileWalk service account requires:

    • Membership in the cluster's Local Administrator group
    • Membership in the BackupAdmin role, which can be configured within the OneFS WebUI.
    •  Read rights on an appropriate top-level SMB share for which all data to be indexed is a child object.

    Crawling: Unix, NFS-based - UID that is defined with read permissions on exported volumes. UID=0
    must be honored from the Probe machine.

    CEPA is required for event collection.

  • Supported versions

    Isilon OneFS

    • or higher
    • 7.2 or higher - includes NFS events

    CEE Framework

    • 7.x
    • 6.x
    • For CIFS event collection - 4.5.1 and up
    • For NFS event collection - 4.6.7 and up

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