Varonis for Databases

Discover sensitive data, identify misconfigurations, and audit activity to protect your critical databases from cyber threats.

  • Managed
  • Unmanaged
  • Cloud & on-prem
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Partner with the leader in data security.

Forrester’s report states "Varonis is a top choice for organizations prioritizing deep data visibility, classification capabilities, and automated remediation for data access."

Secure your critical databases with Varonis.

Between production, development, and testing instances, organizations potentially have thousands of databases — which can lead to sensitive data ending up where it doesn't belong. Unmanaged shadow databases, internet-facing database servers, and backups stored in public S3 buckets could also put your data at risk. Varonis provides real-time visibility across your databases to help you manage and improve your security posture.

Manage your database security posture.

Continuously assess your data security posture with a real-time, customizable DSPM dashboard. See where critical databases are at risk through excessive access and misconfiguration such as publicly accessible ports or unencrypted backups — and immediately take the necessary steps to remediate risk.

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Discover and classify sensitive data at scale.

Varonis automatically discovers managed and unmanaged databases across your environment and uses hundreds of built-in classification patterns to identify where sensitive data lives at scale. View results in an intuitive tree view to see where your data is misplaced or exposed to risk.

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Detect database tampering.

Varonis monitors database activity and maintains a complete human-readable audit trail to detect and investigate suspicious and risky activity, such as users deleting database instances and snapshots, exporting sensitive snapshots to public S3 buckets, or tampering with activity logs.

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Connect to any database, anywhere.

Varonis' universal database connector enables us to integrate with any network-connected database to discover and classify sensitive data at scale — no matter where it lives.

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Varonis solves common database security challenges.

Publicly exposed databases

  • Varonis continuously surfaces misconfigurations that can expose your critical databases publicly
  • Automatically identify publicly accessible database ports or snapshots stored in public S3 buckets
  • Detect risky configuration changes in real time and take immediate action to fix any issues at hand

Unmanaged shadow databases

  • Varonis automatically discovers sensitive unmanaged shadow databases and snapshots
  • View your managed and unmanaged databases in a centralized dashboard
  • Discover and classify sensitive data in shadow databases at scale

Ransomware attacks

  • Varonis has many expert-built alerting policies to detect ransomware in real time
  • See when users disable automatic RDS backups, delete database instances, and export snapshots to public S3 buckets
  • Use Varonis' human-readable audit trail to investigate potential ransomware activity and stop attacks

One platform for multi-cloud, SaaS, and on-premises data.

Varonis protects enterprise data where it lives — in the largest and most important data stores and applications across the cloud and behind your firewall.

Ready to see the #1 Data Security Platform in action?

Ready to see the #1 Data Security Platform in action?