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Proactive Incident Response

Varonis offers the brightest minds in offensive and defensive security, watching your data for threats. We investigate suspicious behavior, so you don’t have to.

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We watch your alerts, so you don’t have to.

Being connected to the Varonis SaaS Data Security Platform means that our team of cybersecurity experts can have eyes on your alerts. We’ll watch your data and alert you if we see something alarming. We’ll even help you investigate potential incidents — it's all part of the Varonis experience.
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Continuous data monitoring and enrichment

Varonis creates a normalized record of every important action on your data — in the cloud and on-prem — without the need for endpoint agents. Admins and analysts have a complete history of files, folders, sites, permissions, mailboxes, and more at their fingertips.
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Automatic response

With instant, automated responses, Varonis performs meticulous interventions to stop an attack in its tracks and limit the damage. Connect Varonis to the XSOAR tools in your tech stack via API-based integrations for automated, efficient incident recovery.
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Live-updating threat models

Varonis’ SaaS automatically ships new threat models to customers based on threats we’re seeing in the wild. Our library of out-of-the-box threat models, plus our behavioral alerting that adapts to your organization through machine learning, means you’ll detect threats others miss. 
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Varonis Threat Labs

Our team of security researchers and data scientists are among the most elite cybersecurity minds in the world. With decades of military, intelligence, and enterprise experience, the Varonis Threat Labs team proactively looks for vulnerabilities in the applications our customers use to find and close gaps before attackers can. All these learnings are programmed into our platform to help you stay ahead of cyberattacks. 
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Integrate with your existing security stack.

Varonis protects enterprise data where it lives — in the largest and most important data stores and applications across the cloud and behind your firewall.

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