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Data Loss Prevention Software

Prevent data loss from overexposure and cyberthreats with powerful data discovery, automated risk remediation, and behavioral alerting.


Reduce your attack surface without human intervention.

The average employee can access 17 million files on day one. Excessive data access represents an existential risk for companies that don’t know where sensitive lives or who can access it.

Varonis shows you where sensitive and regulated data is concentrated and automatically remediates overexposure—getting you to least privilege without human intervention.

Find and stop cyber threats early.

If a hacker gains access to your environment, elevates permissions, and starts stealing highly confidential customer data, would you notice?

Automatically detect internal and external threats with behavioral-based alerting. Varonis proactively alerts you to threats to your data, like abnormal access to sensitive data, privilege escalation attempts, or unusual file upload/download activity. Stop malicious actors in real-time with automated responses.

Quick & conclusive investigations.

Varonis creates a normalized record of every file, folder, and email activity across your on-prem and cloud environments. Quickly investigate a security incident with a detailed forensics log. Search and filter by user, file server, event type, etc. to confidently answer “Is my data safe?”

A breach could mean a loss of millions of dollars. So we’ve made it an audit requirement that these reports come out of Varonis to make sure that everything is on the up and up.
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