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Compliance Management

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements through effective discovery, activity auditing, automated remediation, and on-demand reporting.

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Complex data privacy laws? Simplify compliance.
Adhering to intricate regulatory frameworks can be a daunting task, and it’s difficult to know where to start. Manual methods simply can't keep up with the growing complexity and scale of data access management. Varonis simplifies compliance management and provides real-time visibility and control over your critical data.
Data discovery and classification
Automatically discover and classify regulated data both in the cloud and on-prem with pre-built, accurate classification policies, specific to regulations such as NIST, HIPAA, SOX, and GDPR.
CM_DataDiscoverandClassification_FNL CM_DataDiscoverandClassification_FNL
Least privilege automation
Effortlessly eliminate data exposure and ensure privacy-by-design. Varonis makes intelligent decisions about who needs access to data and who doesn’t — continually reducing your blast radius without human intervention and without breaking the business, all without you even needing to log in.
CM_GlobalAccessRemediation_FNL CM_GlobalAccessRemediation_FNL
SaaS misconfiguration remediation
Varonis continuously detects critical misconfigurations across your SaaS platforms that can put your data at risk. Automatically remediate these misconfigurations with a simple click of a button, eliminating unwanted or non-compliant configurations.
CM_SaaSConfiguration_FNL CM_GlobalAccessRemediation_FNL
Data activity auditing and searchable forensics
Varonis maps the flow of sensitive data with a searchable log of enriched data activity — every create, read, update, delete, upload, download, and share action (with who, what, when, and where details) for files, folders, emails, and objects — accelerating cross-platform security investigations for cloud and on-prem environments and assisting with data breach reporting.
CM_DataActivity_FNL2 CM_DataActivity_FNL2
Compliance dashboards and reports
Live risk dashboards and on-demand compliance reports give auditors and compliance teams real-time awareness of exposure, usage, ownership, and staleness.
CM_ComplianceDashboards_FNL-1 CM_ComplianceDashboards_FNL-1
Data-centric UEBA

Varonis’ behavioral-based threat models detect abnormal data activity in real time — stopping threats to data before they become breaches. Our UEBA improves over time as it learns and adapts to customers’ data and ensures comprehensive ransomware protection and insider threat detection.

CM_ThreatDetectionandForensics_FNL CM_ThreatDetectionandForensics_FNL

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