Combined Properties

How Combined Properties kept data on their servers and still provided their users with the cloud experience

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The Customer

Location: Washington, DC

Industry: Commerce

Products: DatAnywhere

Combined Properties, Incorporated is a full-service real estate, development and asset management company active in the acquisition, development, redevelopment and value enhancement of shopping centers and mixed-use properties. Committed to creating better places to live and work, Combined Properties, Incorporated values the relationships they have established over the years with their tenants, local non-profits, charitable organizations, community groups, public officials, area business owners, and neighbors.

Combined Properties, Incorporated takes a long-term approach to business and has a clear vision for its future. This forward-focused perspective, coupled with their passion for creating better places to live and work, is reflected in all areas of its business: they hire and retain creative, experienced staff, invest in and develop quality assets, contract with premier vendors, cultivate long-lasting and responsive customer relationships, and invest in the communities in which they work and call home.

We can access all of our drives on-the-go directly on our mobile devices. We can bring up the client on our mobile device, whether it’s the iPad, Android phone, or an iPhone, and you simply share a file directly from our file server with a vendor, client, or someone within our corporation.

– Andre White, IT Director

The Challenge

Prior to DatAnywhere, Combined Properties, Incorporated used Microsoft Remote Desktop on their smartphones. This method only worked when the user was connected to the internal network and did not provide the file sharing experience that employees have come to expect from other file sharing solutions.

Evaluation Parameters

Desiring a more effective mobile device management strategy, they decided to search for a new solution. When collaborating and working with colleagues, business partners or clients, Combined Properties, Incorporated wanted to keep their company data on their own internal storage, while giving their users the ability to access files from mobile devices, sync them, and share them securely with business partners.

The Combined Properties, Incorporated IT Director acknowledged that despite the promise of cloud environments and SLAs, unscrupulous perpetrators might gain access to their data. Additionally, it was equally important that users would be able to access their files anywhere, using their tablet, mobile devices or on their desktops. After researching many different companies, the Combined Properties, Incorporated IT Director discovered Varonis and was excited that DatAnywhere seemed to be a perfect fit. After completing an evaluation of DatAnywhere, he was confident Varonis could satisfy their privacy and mobile file sharing needs.

The Solution

Combined Properties, Incorporated was pleased with DatAnywhere’s easy-to-install evaluation process, “I thought the way you set up the groups and the workspaces was very straightforward for our users. Once people were trained on how to use DatAnywhere, all of our employees were able to login and set up the files that they wanted for themselves.”

His proudest moment was getting the Chairman’s approval, “We also set up the application for the Chairman, and he’s just had many wonderful things to say about the product, even though he didn’t really know what was going on in the back end, but he really enjoys using it on his mobile device.”

After a month of the installation, the endorsements came pouring in from end-users, “The feedback was absolutely positive. It’s fantastic that Varonis has a client that’s accessible to both iOS and Android, even an iPad, and then be able to access and securely share their files directly from our file servers to individuals both inside and outside our organization. It’s great that it even works from a browser. Everyone enjoys using DatAnywhere.

Business Benefits

Keep business data safe and secure

It was extremely vital to Combined Properties, Incorporated that they were able to keep their data in their own data centers and still provide their users the cloud experience. With DatAnywhere, users are able to have the file sharing experience they desire without requiring any changes to the underlying IT infrastructure – no data needed to be moved or permissions modified.

Ability to access data from anywhere and any device

Whether users were on the LAN, using a Wi-Fi network, or over a 3G or a 4G network, the mobile capabilities really empowered their workforce as they were able to access data quickly and to get their jobs done efficiently.