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Varonis for State & Local Governments

Protect sensitive & regulated data from cyberattacks and compliance violations.


Don't let data be held for ransom.

Ransomware attacks on state and local governments are on the rise. Attackers prey on municipalities because of the plethora of sensitive information to steal and havoc they can wreak. Agencies need a data-first security approach to detect and prevent ransomware proactively.

files are open to every employee on average
of all sensitive files are accessible to every employee

Find & protect regulated data.

Automatically identify and classify sensitive and regulated across your cloud and on-prem data stores and limit who can access it. Varonis can implement access changes automatically to dramatically reduce the attack surface and get to least privilege without interrupting day-to-day operations.

Detect & prevent ransomware.

Varonis automatically detects early signs of ransomware with behavior-based threat models. Alerts can trigger automated responses, like ending affected users' sessions or changing passwords, to stop an attack in its tracks.

Automate compliance.

Out-of-the-box reports make meeting compliance regulations a breeze. A full audit log of data activity helps satisfy auditors and meet breach notification requirements.

State & Local Gov testimonial
With Varonis, we’re able to prove that we know where information lives and that it’s protected. We can also demonstrate that we are capable of addressing concerns quickly and limiting the impact of potential threats.
Information Security Analyst, U.S. State Agency Read the case study