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Varonis helps organizations identify and automatically migrate, archive, or delete stale data, in many cases saving thousands of dollars in storage costs per year.

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Unprecedented storage intelligence

Storage teams are responsible for much more than buying and deploying fancy new hardware. In many organizations, they’re also responsible for managing data. In fact, many storage pros’ job performance factors in how efficiently and effectively they manage data.

However, storage systems themselves don’t typically provide much help with data management. Storage admins that rely solely on native management tools face a massive uphill battle. Here are some questions that our more than 3,500 customers had difficulty answering before deploying Varonis.

Your challenges:

  • Which data is stale and no longer needed?
  • What data is being used by whom?
  • Who is responsible for all this data that’s being created all of a sudden?
  • How can I migrate all this data without breaking anything, across domains or platforms while we’re at it?
  • Who deleted all those files?

How Varonis helps:

  • Intelligently automate migration, archival, deletion
  • Optimize storage utilization
  • Align data with business units, data owners, cost-centers
  • Automate analysis, access provisioning, and data classification
  • Enable search and mobile access on existing storage systems

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Mapping Varonis Solutions to Storage Challenges

Here is a detailed mapping of common storage challenges and the Varonis products that help.

Description Varonis Product/Feature
Can’t align data with business units, cost centers, or data owners DatAdvantage’s automated data usage reports, based on actual human activity, can point storage admins directly to the business units and cost centers responsible for data, making usage-based chargebacks a reality. Once identified, owners are automatically tracked and receive reports about their data without IT needing to lift a finger.
Can’t analyze usage or determine what happened after security or operational incident DatAdvantage provides an interactive interface for charting usage by date, by user, by department, and more. Admins can drill down to see a granular audit trail of every single file or email touch (who did, what they did, and when)—extremely helpful for finding misplaced files or doing forensics.
Can’t identify insiders or recover from malware like crypto-locker DatAdvantage does behavioral analytics, so it can detect and alert when anomalous activity—like a malware infiltration or a trusted insider gone bad—occurs. If malware such as Cryptolocker does hit your servers, DatAdvantage can help pinpoint exactly which files and folders were impacted, making recovery much easier.
Can’t identify data that should be moved, archived, or deleted DatAdvantage provides insights into data usage that native storage platforms simply don’t have. Generate reports based on a wide array of criteria: size, activity, content sensitivity, data ownership, and more. Data Transport Engine takes things a step further and actually moves, archives, or deletes data based on the selection criteria you provide. Perform an operation once or on a recurring basis. Migrations go cross-domain and even cross-platform.
Can’t migrate data efficiently Data Transport Engine (DTE) can migrate data cross-domain or cross-platform (e.g., Windows to SharePoint) while keeping permissions intact and even making them better. DTE can migrate files incrementally while users continue to access them.
Can’t determine which data is valuable, stale, sensitive In addition to analyzing activity and permissions, the IDU Classification Framework can peer inside files and SharePoint sites to flag sensitive information. As a result, storage teams can make migration and deletion decisions based on insights about data value and staleness they wouldn’t ordinarily have.
Provisioning access to data takes too long, is manual & error prone DataPrivilege offloads the task of managing access to data to business users, giving them a selfservice web portal where they can grant and revoke permissions without the help of IT. Business users often have the right context to make informed decisions about who should and shouldn’t have access to data, thereby reducing risk.
Users lose time searching for data stored on file shares/NAS devices DatAnswers provides affordable, efficient enterprise search for file servers and SharePoint. End users become more productive and fewer “lost files” IT tickets are created.
Users are moving copies of files off enterprise storage and into public cloud lockers because they can’t access their file shares with mobile devices or file sync, and can’t share data easily with 3rd parties DatAnywhere lets you build your own private cloud using your existing storage systems. Simply point DatAnywhere to your files shares’ UNC paths and users can begin syncing and sharing corporate file share data with all of their approved devices as if it were in the cloud.

Why Varonis?

Varonis ensures that only the right people have access to the right data at all times, all access is monitored, and abuse is flagged.

Sustainably reduce risk

Identify where your most sensitive data resides, see who has access to it, who is accessing it, and safely lock it down.

Eliminate operational overhead

Run permissions reports, find lost files, assign data owners, and conduct security investigations more efficiently than ever.

Increase productivity

IT staff spend less time on manual data management and protection tasks and can focus on critical projects.

Adhere to change control policies

Automatically detect and correct changes that don't meet your organization's change management policies.

Achieve regulatory compliance

DatAdvantage covers many of the requirements prescribed by SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLB, FERC/NERC, and more.

Prevent data breaches

Receive alerts on anomalous behavior, privilege escalations, and unauthorized access to critical files and folders.

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