How Varonis Helps Protect
Healthcare Data and Meet Compliance

Secure your patient data and meet healthcare regulations with Varonis


Protect healthcare data

Get full visibility on file activity, events, and user behavior on critical data. Monitor and report on data access, permissions, and protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) like patient information, test and laboratory results, and insurance information.


Tackle Compliance

Automatically classify regulated data and customer information, and easily report on access and file activity for your auditors. Monitor activity so that you can report on security violations, prevent data breaches, and investigate cybersecurity events.

  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • PHI

Improve Security

Streamline data privacy practices and lock down sensitive data to meet healthcare data activity requirements and data breach laws. Sustainably reduce risk, investigate security incidents, and automate data security policies and processes for healthcare data.

When I receive a compliance request for a report on a particular user and their file activity over a specific period of time, it takes me less than a minute to run. Before Varonis, it would have taken hours and hours going through log files to try and compile a user’s activity in relation to network file shares.

Lee Powe, CIO, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

Each year we’re striving to get better, so we have to know we’re taking the best possible measures when it comes to protecting our most sensitive information. With Varonis, we know we are in control.

Florin, Security Engineer, Imelda Hospital

You need to know where your data resides and who owns it. That was one of the absolute biggest challenges that we had and that was instrumental in helping us make the decision to buy Varonis.

John Hensley, Information Security Analyst, Lexington Medical Center


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