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Varonis recommendations

By combining the permissions data, the access events, and sophisticated bi-directional cluster analysis, Varonis determines where users may have excessive permissions, and makes recommendations on how access can be restricted without effecting normal business activity—which groups a user can be removed from/who can be removed from which groups.

Varonis alerts on anomalous activity

Varonis captures every file access event (open, create, delete, modify, move, etc.) and every email event (message sent, received, deleted, moved, etc.) by every person accessing the monitored infrastructure and calculates each individuals daily average number of access events, and their standard deviation for a configurable threshold of days. If, on a given day, a user exceeds their daily average by more than three times their standard deviation (or other defined coefficient), Varonis will generate an alert.

What-if analysis and simulation

A Varonis user may simulate the removal a user from a group or an access control list change to determine which folders a user or group of users would lose access to should the change be committed. By executing a synchronization routine, Varonis will display the users that have been accessing data using the (simulated) removed permissions, and who have no other permissions to provide access to such data. If the proposed change had been made in the past, these users would likely have initiated a help desk call to ascertain why they no longer had access to data they required.

Statistical Analysis

Varonis aggregates user activity to easily highlight access patterns of interest, including most and least active users (commonly used to identify service accounts and automated processes) and most and least active directories (commonly used to identify critical data and stale data), as well as combinations of users groups and data. Varonis users may also identify data owners by viewing active users on a directory structure or facilitate business continuity planning and data migrations by determining which directories are commonly accessed by a group of users.

Why Varonis?

Varonis ensures that only the right people have access to the right data at all times, all access is monitored, and abuse is flagged.

Sustainably reduce risk

Identify where your most sensitive data resides, see who has access to it, who is accessing it, and safely lock it down.

Eliminate operational overhead

Run permissions reports, find lost files, assign data owners, and conduct security investigations more efficiently than ever.

Increase productivity

IT staff spend less time on manual data management and protection tasks and can focus on critical projects.

Adhere to change control policies

Automatically detect and correct changes that don't meet your organization's change management policies.

Achieve regulatory compliance

DatAdvantage covers many of the requirements prescribed by SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLB, FERC/NERC, and more.

Prevent data breaches

Receive alerts on anomalous behavior, privilege escalations, and unauthorized access to critical files and folders.

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