Monitor and Protect Active Directory

Uncover critical misconfigurations, monitor & alert on changes to security groups, GPOs, OUs, and other AD objects.


Active Directory auditing and threat detection

Varonis shows you exactly what’s going on within your Active Directory and alerts on abnormal activity. Get a fully searchable audit trail of Active Directory changes and logons to mitigate privilege abuse and escalation attacks.

DatAdvantage logs and audits domain security events and changes, and maps Active Directory so that you know who has the ability to make changes to AD, spot configuration problems, access control issues, and report on changes to Group memberships and GPOs.

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Spot Cyberattacks at the Source

Varonis analyzes Active Directory so that you know when something’s not right: leverage pre-configured threat models to recognize unusual changes, account lockouts, password resets – the kinds of things that are indicative of privilege escalation, unauthorized changes, lateral movement, and brute-force attacks.

Get alerts on privilege escalations, changes made outside your change management window, abnormal file activity and more. See when there are changes to Group Policy Objects (GPOs) – which can affect password policies, USB access, RDP privileges, and are often early warning signs of compromised accounts and insider threats.


Clean up Active Directory

Display, filter, and analyze large, complex hierarchical structures and extend those capabilities to Active Directory domains and forests. DatAdvantage gives you a full visual representation of your AD, shows you who can access key objects, and tracks and analyzes all activity.

Get full visibility on your AD, and clean up security vulnerabilities like Disabled users and groups, empty security groups, Orphaned SIDs, Individual users on ACEs, and more.


DatAdvantage has enabled us to remove the risks associated with data permission changes within our IT environment. As an organization, we can prove to our regulators that our IT controls are stringent and that we are providing effective protection around our data

Colin Lennox, Technical Services Manager, Baillie Gifford

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