Cloud-enable your existing file shares

Enterprise File Sync and Share without moving your data or changing your IT infrastructure.

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Looking for a secure Dropbox alternative?

If you already have lots of data safely stored in file shares, and you don’t plan to get rid of it or move it all to the cloud, why not cloudify all that data where it lives – securely – and within minutes? DatAnywhere works without making you move files or change your existing permissions, which can be time-consuming and create vendor lock-in.

DatAnywhere is deployed behind your firewall. You will always know exactly where your data is and who has access to it.

Why choose DatAnywhere?

Because you shouldn’t have to give up control or move your data to get the benefits of Dropbox

Enable file sync and mobile access to terabytes of file share data that lives behind your firewall without the need for a VPN and without reconfiguring permissions.

Connect to your existing file servers

DatAnywhere syncs files from your existing CIFS/SMB file servers or NAS and uses your Active Directory/LDAP for authentication. No need to modify or install anything on your file servers. Other applications and processes can keep on running.  DatAnywhere includes an auditing module to report on events, and support for third-party MDM solutions like Airwatch.

What we appreciate most about DatAnywhere is that security is inherent to the solution; it’s searchable, and it’s auditing capabilities lets us easily see who shared what with whom — and it’s all trackable.

— Andy Williams, Systems Manager, University of Liverpool

Say goodbye to questions that no one wants to think about:

  • Which files should we upload?
  • Do we keep a copy inhouse, too?
  • Where is the master copy?
  • Who deleted my files?
  • How do we make sure we don’t put data in the wrong place?
  • How do we make sure we have all the right controls and processes?
  • Can we return the $2 million of NAS we own?

Simple and secure

You have a folder, you put stuff in it, and it syncs to all your devices. Users get intuitive file sharing, IT gets visibility and control.

Access and edit your documents from anywhere with your DatAnywhere app, and they’ll sync back to the server directly from within DatAnywhere.

Collaborate on the fly without jeopardizing your security.

Designed with enterprise in mind

AD Integration

Authenticate to Active Directory —there’s no need to reconfigure or replicate permissions.

Compliance Ready

Fits with your existing data governance and compliance policies.

Two-Factor Authentication

Supports certificate based, integrated windows and multi-factor authentication.

External Sharing

Share files with customers and partners, with optional PIN verification and expiration dates on shared links.

Device Management

Set up rules to automatically control device access by model, OS version and more. Remotely wipe devices if you need to.

Powerful REST API

Integrate with other databases and enterprise applications, and develop additional mobile, desktop, and web interfaces.