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Collect the data you need for access requests: DatAnswers makes information governance a breeze for data controllers, administrators, and compliance officers.

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Fulfill data subject access requests (DSAR) and right to be forgotten

GDPR and privacy regulations mean that you need to be able to quickly find specific data living in your core data stores. DatAnswers helps you locate relevant files, pinpoint exactly who has access, and enforce policies to move, quarantine, or delete information.

Use DatAnswers to find the files containing personal data of a customer requesting erasure so you can quarantine, delete, or adjust the file’s data to meet the request.

Elevated Search you'll actually use

DatAnswers adds context to data, building search results with more than just keyword matching. It’s an intelligent search engine that is fueled by Varonis’ unique metadata and contextual signals to produce better search results.

Optimize results based on context and classification for relevant results.
Search for specific content which is sensitive or related to a data subject to fulfill public access requests.
Leverage security group membership and user activity to weight how important a piece of content might be in a search.
Select and export search results in order to migrate, quarantine, or delete them.

We needed the ability to search and find documents we needed quickly and Varonis and its Professional Services team was able to help us do this.

Now, we can support eDiscovery requests and get very accurate results that save the company time and money, and also ensure that documents are encrypted and stored securely as necessary.

Denise Evans, Vice President of Information Technology, Miramax


Discover the value of your data

Index Efficiently
Get fast and efficient results using incremental scanning and granular scoping.
Collect intelligently
Get results that matter: DatAnswers uses metadata and access activity to return relevant results every time.
Information governance
Support your legal and compliance efforts by empowering teams with the ability to quickly find the files they need and take action to flag, protect, archive, or delete them.
Find sensitive content
Leverage DatAdvantage recommendations and classification rules to identify sensitive and regulated data.
Get more relevant results for rapid early case assessment (ECA), manage the scope of discovery and narrow the volume of data with targeted collection.
Integrate DatAnswers with other search engines and technologies to display results natively, giving you more flexibility while making your data more accessible.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

  • What hardware/software do I need?

    • Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 R2, 64-bit environment only
    • JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 7 or 8. 64-bit
    • IIS 7.5, 8, 8.5, 10
    • .NET 4.0, 4.5
  • What browsers does DatAnswers support?

    • Internet Explorer 9-11
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
  • Can I use DatAnswers for public access requests?

    Yes: DatAnswers has been re-engineered to help fulfill privacy regulations and identify all data relating to a data subject - relevant for public access requests, GDPR right to be forgotten, subject access requests (SARs), and data subject access requests (DSARs).

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