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Satisfy DSARs in record time.

  • Find PII in files on-prem and the cloud
  • Speed up privacy & e-discovery requests
  • Comply with privacy laws
PII search that works like Google.

Find any file with personal data in seconds with Varonis’ purpose-built search engine. We instantly surface and collect the information you need for DSARs, right to be forgotten, or e-discovery.

Illustration_PII searchpii-mobile
The magic is in the logic.

Our DSAR form uses sophisticated logic on the backend to ensure you get accurate results and avoid false positives. We surface actual PII, not just simple text matches. 


How it works


Type a query in the search bar or use the DSAR form.


Select relevant files.


Export to CSV, move, or copy files to send to your legal or compliance team.
When a user doesn’t know exactly where they put a sensitive file, we use DatAnswers to track it down. We also use DatAnswers for all of our legal team’s searches.
Network Admin, Regional Healthcare Provider Network Read the case study

Key features

Intuitive web interface

DatAnswers is simple to use—any legal or compliance officer can quickly search for and find the files they need.

Robust file type support

We leverage Oracle’s Outside-In technology to support many file types including documents, ZIP archives, PDFs, images, spreadsheets, and more.

Hybrid coverage

Index and search data in Microsoft 365 or on-premises data storage. All results are displayed in a centralized location.

True incremental scanning

Our file activity audit trail tells the indexing engine which files have been created or changed; no need to re-scan every file or check last modified date.

Distributed and multi-threaded

Indexing is performed by distributed multi-threaded nodes so scanning can be performed in close network proximity to the monitored data.

Attack surface reduction

Automatically restrict access to personal information and minimize its exposure with the Automation Engine.