DatAdvantage for UNIX and Linux

Who deleted /etc?

Monitor access, automate permissions management, and protect sensitive data on *NIX and NFS shares on NetApp, VNX, or Isilon.

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No BSM, AIX audit subsystem, or auditd required

DatAdvantage makes it easy to see who’s has access to doing what and where all those world-writable files are hiding. Track and monitor file activity, analyze user behavior, and report on all of the action from a central location. Data collection with DatAdvantage is non-intrusive, doesn’t write events to the local disk, and doesn’t require native auditing – making it easier than ever to perform security investigations, prove compliance, and find lost files.

A searchable, sortable audit trail of UNIX/Linux actions is essential for compliance, legal investigations, and can save thousands of hours answering help desk tickets efficiently and accurately.

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Alert on suspicious behavior

Varonis performs User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to secure your data from the inside-out, focusing on what your users are actually doing to any file or directory on your *NIX file systems, and using machine learning to find patterns and anomalous behavior to stop breaches before they happen.

Our sophisticated threat models analyze behavior across multiple platforms and alert you to suspicious activity and potential data breaches. From CryptoLocker infections to compromised service accounts to disgruntled employees, we’ll detect and alert you on all sorts of abnormal user behavior.

User Behavior Analytics

Quickly and intelligently fix your biggest security problems

Varonis will show you a prioritized list of risk areas and provide recommendations on where access can be reduced without interrupting business. Simulate changes in sandbox so you know exactly what will happen and who will be affected before you execute the change.

Using the same security principles applied to Windows and UNIX environments, it is fundamental for organizations with a Linux environment to safeguard, monitor and manage its mission-critical, proprietary data.

Sally Hudson, Analyst, IDC

Monitor critical data

See who’s doing what across multiple *NIX distributions, all from a single interface.

Centralize your interface

View and manage both UNIX and POSIX ACLs across multiple *NIX distributions, from a single interface, as well as users and groups in NIS, LDAP, Active Directory, and stored locally.

Clean up stale data

DatAdvantage easily determines whether data is being accessed by actual humans, making it easy to know where to clean up stale data – save disk space, lower cost and simplify your environment all at once.

Configure Custom Alerts

Alert on changes to important configuration files, access to sensitive files, malware, privilege escalations, access denied events, and more. Receive alerts via email, SNMP, event log, syslog or right to your SIEM.

Adhere to change control policies

Automatically detect and correct changes that don’t meet your organization’s change management policies.

Replace auditors with a small shell script

DatAdvantage covers many of the requirements prescribed by SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLB, FERC/NERC, and more.

Prevent Data Breaches

Receive alerts on anomalous behavior, privilege escalations, and unauthorized access to critical files and folders.

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