DatAdvantage for Office 365

See what’s happening in the cloud

Get the data management, access, and security you need to keep your critical data safe in the cloud.

Protect your Office 365 data

DatAdvantage for Office 365 lets you see where your sensitive data lives, who’s accessing it, and how to lock it down. Monitor and analyze access activity on SharePoint Online and OneDrive so that you can address security threats, unusual activity, and meet compliance regulations.

DatAdvantage analyzes events from Microsoft’s Activity Feed API, so that you can audit file activity and user behavior in the cloud. Varonis threat models will detect ransomware activity, insider threats, and more with DatAlert.

See who has access in a single click

View permissions in the cloud just like you would with an on-premise environment: DatAdvantage for Office 365 gives complete visibility into the permissions structure of your data for Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and visibility into Active Directory for Azure.

Automate reports and manage access to your critical data – wherever it lives.

Secure your enterprise data in the cloud with DatAdvantage for Office 365.

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Discover sensitive content

Find out what sensitive data is exposed and who has access to it. You can even see which folders in SharePoint Online were shared with external users. The Data Classification Framework runs on both SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

“Because of the type of data we store as a medical school, moving to the cloud is scary…Having a product like Varonis that can give us the same type of reporting on when people access files and who accessed them and where, makes having to move some of our data to Office 365 a lot easier for us on all levels of the organization.”

-Scott Stefan, Executive Director of Information Services, University of Maryland School of Medicine

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Is your data safe in the cloud?

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