DatAdvantage for Office 365

Protect Your Data in the Cloud

Get the data management, access, and security you need to keep your critical data safe in the cloud.

Data Security and Analytics in the Cloud

Protect your data wherever it lives with Varonis – get a unified security platform for your data both on-premise and in the cloud. DatAdvantage for Office 365 lets you identify sensitive data, see who’s accessing it, and protect it from data breaches and cyberattacks.

DatAdvantage for Office365 covers OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Azure AD – so that your files and emails are monitored, managed, and protected wherever they live.

Get the Full Story

Varonis give you rich context on the data you store in Office 365: who’s accessing which folders? Who opened that phishing email? What’s the audit trail on that folder with all the personal data?

Varonis identifies open access issues and classifies sensitive data across platforms, making it easy to meet compliance regulations, discover security vulnerabilities, and update permissions to a least privilege model.

Get the full story from data discovery to user behavior analytics to threat investigation – all on one platform.

Secure your enterprise data in the cloud with DatAdvantage for Office 365.

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Data Security for a Hybrid World

With over 100 threat models, Varonis identifies suspicious behavior and flags malware – all while establishing what’s normal behavior for your data. Varonis analyzes user activity and behavior across platform: so that you can more easily detect – and resolve – security vulnerabilities and insider threats.

Manage access and monitor events on your files and emails that live in Office 365: and get alerted on everything from unusual mailbox activity to known ransomware behavior.

“Because of the type of data we store as a medical school, moving to the cloud is scary…Having a product like Varonis that can give us the same type of reporting on when people access files and who accessed them and where, makes having to move some of our data to Office 365 a lot easier for us on all levels of the organization.”

-Scott Stefan, Executive Director of Information Services, University of Maryland School of Medicine

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Is your data safe in the cloud?

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