Box Security Events

Take Your Cloud Security a Step Further

Varonis monitors and protects Box enterprise data at-a-glance

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Get security insights on Box data

Extend your security coverage with Box Security Events from Varonis so that you can see what’s happening on your Box data, reduce risk, and investigate suspicious activity.

Varonis gives you security insights on your data wherever it’s stored: so that you can easily monitor user and file activity, user and group management, and even sharing and collaboration activity.

Highlight Risky Behavior


Traditional audit logs can be bulky, difficult to read, and challenging to take action on. Varonis makes it simple: get context on events, filter to find what you need, and easily track activity to get visibility on your data.

Hybrid Activity At-a-Glance
See security events cross platform in one UI – including user & file activity, user & group management, and sharing & collaboration activity
Security insights
Filter, search, and sort by event type including impersonation events, sharing events, and more
Watch list
Add suspicious users to a watch list for additional forensics
Analytics and reporting
Leverage predefined searches and out-of-the-box & custom reports (including scheduled reports and dynamic report creation)

Protect Your
Data in the Cloud

  • Monitor activity and events on enterprise data stored on Box
  • Highlight risky behavior like over-permissive sharing and impersonation and see where to remediate security vulnerabilities
  • Get visibility for security and auditors with a single pane of glass & full audit log of security events
  • See what data is shared with everyone, with groups, and more
  • Easily report on cross-platform activity, security events, and more

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

  • What events do you monitor?

    We support a range of events: from login activity to file activity to permissions to user and group updates.

  • Will this affect my API calls quota?

    The Varonis partnership with Box provides unlimited API calls for the Box application used by Varonis, and does not impact the customer API calls quota.

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