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Protect your Jira projects from exposure & cyberthreats.

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Jira provides an easy way to plan and track projects. Unfortunately for security teams, the same collaboration that can increase efficiency can also increase risk. Complex permissions can unintentionally expose sensitive projects and without proper visibility, threats can go unnoticed.


Varonis gives a clear picture of who can access which Jira projects and with what permissions and can detect threats to Jira projects. Varonis alerts on risky activity, like when a project is exposed publicly, when projects are deleted, when a user is assigned privileged access, or when users connect from suspicious IP addresses.


Control access to Jira projects.

Quickly see who has access to your sensitive boards and what level of permissions they have (create, read, write, etc.) Easily spot offboarding gaps where users may still have access they don’t need.

Prevent public exposure.

Get alerts when permissions changes make projects publicly accessible. Clearly see where projects are shared externally and whether those projects could be sensitive.

Detect insider threats.

Alert on suspicious activity, like excessive deletion of Jira projects. Plus, monitor for changes to admin privileges to avoid one compromised identity or bad actor moving from Jira to the whole Atlassian suite of products.