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Secure your critical GitHub repositories

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GitHub provides a central code repository for millions of developers to store and share code. Without a clear view into how repositories are accessed and shared, your precious source code could be at risk.


Varonis helps prioritize risks around sensitive repositories, monitor the use of personal accounts, and identify costly misconfigurations that can expose your intellectual property. By integrating permissions, activity, and sensitive tagging information, we're able to identify and address exposures, provide detections for internal and external threats, and accelerate cross-cloud investigations.


Know who can access your corporate repo.

Quickly see who has access to your valuable source code and what level of permissions they have. Automatically connect cross-cloud identities and see where developers' free personal accounts have access to corporate repositories, exposing your code to the public.

Alert on repository exposure.

Protect your critical source code from malicious actors with notifications on suspicious IP activity and abnormal connections to your repository. Get alerts when external users are granted access to your private repositories, if they reshare them, and when your private repositories are made public or deleted.

Reduce your attack surface.

Discover over-privileged stale accounts that still have access to your sensitive repositories and securely offboard employees, contractors, and vendors, enabling you to understand where access to your data should be removed and reduce your attack surface.