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Varonis for Exchange Online

Prevent unwanted data exposure and alert on abnormal email activity.

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Go beyond native capabilities.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Varonis provides critical security capabilities beyond what Microsoft can offer natively. Varonis helps you identify where there are large concentrations of sensitive data in Exchange mailboxes, where mailboxes are exposed, or when there is risky mailbox activity. Instantly visualize and quantify risk across your Exchange and Microsoft 365 environment — no matter how large and complex — and proactively reduce your exposure. 

Exchange native capabilities - 628px Exchange native capabilities - 628px

Auto-discover and classify sensitive data.

Varonis scans every user and shared mailbox and calendar, flags the sensitive data within both the body and attachments, and shows you exactly where it lives and who has access to it with an easy-to-read file tree. Gain visibility into exposures in Exchange and strengthen
DLP efforts with accurate classification.

Exchange_Directory_Listing Exchange_Directory_Listing

See data exposure with deep permissions analysis.

Visualize your Exchange permission structures to ensure only the right people have access to important mailboxes, public folders, and calendars. We calculate effective permissions so you can prioritize remediation based on risk. Easily limit access change permissions to a small group of admins, archive and delete stale users to enforce least privilege, or correct guest permissions associated with a shared mailbox containing sensitive data.   

Exchange_Mailbox_Type Exchange_Mailbox_Type

Detect suspicious email behavior.

Varonis’ behavior-based threat models can spot email anomalies proactively. Detect unusual permission changes, automatic forwarding, and malicious attachments in real time. Investigate incidents faster with a complete audit trail of mailbox access activity correlated with events in Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and corporate file shares.

Exchange detect suspicious email - 150px (1) Exchange detect suspicious email - 150px (1)

Monitor email security posture.

Continuously assess your email security posture with a real-time Exchange dashboard. See where there are large concentrations of sensitive data in Exchange mailboxes or where mailboxes are exposed. Easily drill down from these widgets to see the scope of each mailbox's permissions and limit the risk. 

SaaS Data Security Platform - w770px SaaS Data Security Platform - w770px

Comprehensive Microsoft security

Instead of dozens of siloed admin portals that provide partial visibility, Varonis offers comprehensive data coverage across the Microsoft 365 suite, including Azure Storage. The unified console helps your team easily understand and minimize data risk. 

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