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Varonis for Financial Services

Keep financial data safe from cyberattacks and automate regulatory compliance.


Valuable data is overexposed.

The average employee at a financial services company has access to 11 million files. With this level of exposure, the blast radius of a cyberattack could be highly damaging. Eliminating excessive data access can dramatically reduce risk, and behavioral-based alerting can help detect threats before damage is done.

average number of files an employee at a financial services company can access
of financial services companies have 1,000+ sensitive files open to every employee

Detect & prevent ransomware.

Varonis utilizes behavior-based threat models to detect the early signs of ransomware automatically. Alerts can trigger automated responses that terminate affected users’ sessions, change passwords, and more to help stop an attack in its tracks.

Secure financial data.

Automatically identify and classify PCI, SOX, and other regulated financial data across your cloud and on-prem data stores and limit who can access it. Varonis can implement access changes automatically without interrupting day-to-day operations.

Achieve compliance.

Monitor how sensitive and regulated financial data like GLBA, CSSF, and NYS DFS data is accessed or shared to report on security violations, prevent unauthorized access, and protect against cyberthreats. A full audit log of data activity helps satisfy auditors and meet breach notification requirements.

Finance testimonial
We have to perform IT General Control Recertifications for SOX compliance. Varonis’ automated and highly customizable reporting features allow us to ensure proper access control lists, permissions, and accurate user group memberships.
CTO, Prospect Capital Management Read the case study