Varonis for Google Workspace

Easily monitor your corporate Google Workspace to surface misconfigurations, identify data exposure, enforce least privilege, and stop cyber threats with Varonis.  

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  • Auditing
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Partner with the leader in data security.

Forrester’s report states "Varonis is a top choice for organizations prioritizing deep data visibility, classification capabilities, and automated remediation for data access."

Meet your Google Drive safety net.

Users can create, store, and share enormous amounts of data on their own in Google Drive, creating complex permission structures that admins can’t easily visualize or control. Varonis gives you a unified solution to identify and reduce sensitive data exposure in Google Drive at scale and protect your critical data from cyber threats.

Discover and protect sensitive data in Google.

Varonis automatically discovers and classifies sensitive data across all your Google Drives with pinpoint accuracy and shows you where your data is exposed to risk through excessive access and misconfigurations.  

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Proactively reduce sensitive data exposure.

Simplify Google Drive’s complex permissions and external sharing with a real-time, interactive view of effective data access, roles, and permissions. Quickly identify overexposed sensitive data and employ Varonis’ least privilege automation capabilities to remediate excessive permissions and reduce your blast radius automatically and continuously. 

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Stop attackers and rogue insiders.

Varonis detects suspicious activity such as accessing and sharing an unusual number of files, excessive login attempts, privilege escalation, and configuration changes that may indicate a threat and put your Google Drive data at risk. 

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Varonis solves common Google Workspace data security challenges

Varonis tackles hundreds of use cases, making it the ultimate platform to stop data breaches and ensure compliance.

Sensitive data exposed via sharing links

  • Varonis shows you where sharing links expose sensitive data externally, org-wide, and to personal accounts
  • Detect in real-time when a user shares sensitive data publicly
  • Create policies to automatically revoke access to sensitive and stale data

Permissions sprawl and shadow IT

  • Varonis identifies external users, personal accounts, ex-contractors, stale accounts, and shadow admins
  • Simplify Google's complex and sprawling permission structure to quickly see each user's effective permissions
  • Right-size permissions or remove accounts entirely to get to a least-privilege model

Configuration drift and toxic combinations

  • Surface critical misconfigurations like missing MFA enforcement or regular users with the ability to change key settings
  • Compare your configurations against  NIST, HIPAA, CIS, and ISO to identify where your configuration drift out of compliance
  • Auto-fix issues and continuously enforce safe settings

One platform for multi-cloud, SaaS, and on-premises data.

Varonis protects enterprise data where it lives — in the largest and most important data stores and applications across the cloud and behind your firewall.

Ready to see the #1 Data Security Platform in action?

Ready to see the #1 Data Security Platform in action?