Top 10 Storage Startups to Watch

August 22, 2007 | Byte and Switch

From backup reporting to virtualization to security, our new list of storage-related startups hits the hot spots. Snagging 70 high-profile customers with more than 200 installations in just a couple of years, Varonis Systems Inc. addresses a problem that companies everywhere face – securing unstructured data and automating safe access to it.

2007 Morgan Stanley Innovation Award

July 2, 2007 | Varonis Press Release

Varonis Systems Inc., the foremost innovator and provider of comprehensive, actionable data governance solutions, today announced that it received a 2007 Innovation Award from Morgan Stanley at the firm’s Seventh Annual CTO Summit. Varonis Systems makes software that bridges the user-to-data divide, giving full visibility and control over how unstructured data is used and by whom.…
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DM Review Announces Innovative Solution Award Winner

November 1, 2007 | DM Review Press Release
…Enterprise Content Management: Condé Nast, submitted by Varonis Systems…

Varonis Systems Named Computerworld Honors Program Laureate

June, 2007 | Computerworld
Established in 1988, The Computerworld Honors Program brings together the principals of the world’s foremost information technology companies to recognize and document the achievements of the men, women, organizations and institutions around the world, whose visionary applications of information technology promote positive social, economic and educational change.

10 enterprise software companies to watch

April 2007 | Network World

Varonis’ product gives organizations control over unstructured data, such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and spreadsheets. “About 85% of . . . the data in most companies takes unstructured form,” says Johnnie Konstantas, vice president of marketing.” We have created a solution that essentially tells organizations who is accessing that data, and what they’re doing when they access it.