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How Varonis is Helping a Property Management Company Protect Critical Files & Streamline Compliance




threats like CryptoLocker


Active Directory

“With Varonis, we have a great idea of where our data is and who’s responsible when something gets moved or changed. Before Varonis, we had to hunt for it and do a lot of guessing.”

SVP, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Property Management Company


A prominent commercial property management company in the U.S. (anonymous by request) adopted Varonis in 2016. They needed a way to find and classify sensitive data, like PII, in their servers and visibility into who had access to critical files. They sought a reliable way to protect their network from attacks like CryptoLocker and monitor Active Directory for potential threats.

And as a publicly traded company, they needed to ensure that they were complying with strict auditing and financial regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Above all, they needed a solution that would simplify these processes and enable their small team to stay agile and adaptive.

“We’re a public company with a lot of sensitive information in our systems—PII, leases, loans, and other legal documents. And there are Word files, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more. We needed a way to find all of that information, classify it, and keep it safe.”

SVP, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Property Management Company


  • Visibility, control and protection for M&A data: Varonis has since become their most valuable data security solution—especially DatAdvantage for Windows and Directory Services, which gives their team more permissions visibility. Combined with Data Classification Engine, it’s easy for them to identify critical data and remediate permissions.
  • Threat detection and response: Varonis DatAlert warns their team whenever it detects unusual activity on-premises or in the cloud. In one specific example, DatAlert warned them of a potential attack: it found a server vulnerability caused by a remote desktop protocol device open to the internet. In mere hours, Varonis’ incident response team helped them close down that server and eliminate the threat.
  • Compliance and auditing: With Varonis, it’s easy for the company to prove compliance during each quarterly audit. They can also generate comprehensive audit trails that simplify compliance. It’s easy to pivot and respond to potential threats. And it’s easy to reach out to Varonis’ support team if they ever need help.

“Suffice to say: I need Varonis, it’s my favorite piece of software, and it’s worth every penny. You’re crazy if you think your sensitive data is safe without Varonis.”

SVP, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Property Management Company

Customer Profile

  • Location: U.S..
  • Industry: Property Management

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