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Ponemon Institute Study

Corporate Data: A Protected Asset or a Ticking Time Bomb?

Despite a growing number of data breaches occurring under the glare of the public spotlight, 71 percent of employees in a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute report that they have access to data they should not see, and more than half say that this access is frequent or very frequent.

  • 71% of employees say they have access to data they shouldn't
  • 4 in 5 IT practitioners say their organizations don't enforce a strict least-privilege (or need-to-know) data model
  • Only 22% of employees say their organization is able to tell them what happened to lost data, files or emails

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Information Entropy Report

Are Employees Stealing Data Without Realizing It?

This report uncovers how much confidential information is being leaked beyond corporate walls.

In this report we look at:

  • The % of employees leaking data
  • What happens to data when employees leave the company
  • The effect of NDAs on data leaking
  • And more...

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Red Alert: A Data Breach Report

Can you tell when a data breach is happening in real-time?

Our Data Breach Report indicates that only 24% of companies can detect when a breach is happening.

What's in the report?

  • All of the eye-opening stats from our research
  • Stats on organizational monitoring of cloud uploads to services like Dropbox
  • Ways to immediately improve your data monitoring activities

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The Data Maturity Model

A staggering number of organizations are taking a risk with their data by overlooking basic safeguards.

There's a very clear correlation between those that are very confident about their security and basic data protection activities like:

  • Monitoring actual access activity
  • Assigning owners to data
  • Scanning for sensitive data
  • Reviewing permissions

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Privacy and Trust

Most people trust businesses to protect their data despite a rise in data breaches, identity theft, and privacy mishaps.

In fact, 67% of us have sent unencrypted personal information to a business over email, assuming that data will be protected.

What's in the report?

  • Find out why we get a C on our personal security report card
  • All of the stats from our research
  • Some quick tips for consumers and businesses to tighten security

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Bring Your Own Demise

Over 50% of employees say someone has lost a personal device with important company data on it.

In February of 2013, Varonis conducted an online survey to examine the impact of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) on work habits, productivity, and data security.

The results were a bit unsettling:

  • 50% of employees report that someone at their company has lost a device with important data on it
  • 22% said the lost device had security implications for the organization
  • 86% of employees are “device obsessed”, using their personal devices to work day and night

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Virtual Reality

Nearly Half of IT Staff Fear Unauthorized Access To Virtual Servers.

According to Gartner, there are more than 50 million virtual machines residing on servers. Varonis surveyed VMWorld attendees in San Francisco and Barcelona about VM deployment and security. Download the full report to see what we found.

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Digital Work Habits

Are You Ready to Declare Email Bankruptcy?

Whether we realize it or not, our inboxes are world-writable to-do lists. Some of us have reached a breaking point -- consumed by more than 500 emails per day. We are spending hours flagging, tagging, and responding.

It's a reality: email may be eating our productivity. Find out just how bad it is.

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Data on the Move

Every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that we have to process, manage, protect, backup and move. IT pros know that moving bits isn't easy. There are lots of factors to consider: availability, security, cross-platform issues, and more.

What are the top 8 things that would make data migrations easier? Read our full report on data and domain migrations.

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The Bring Your Own Services (BYOS) Paradox

BYOS is threatening to sweep past all company defences and carry away the company data. Find out how companies are reacting.

Here's a sneak peak:

  • 80% of organizations do not allow employees to use cloud file sync services
  • The vast majority would like to leverage cloud services if not for security and compliance concerns
  • 20% have zero measures in place to prevent or monitor access to cloud file sync services
  • Of the 20% with no measures, a shocking 70% were not concerned about security breaches

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High Pressure Cloud Patterns

Varonis surveyed IT workers from over 400 organizations to gauge their adoption and perception of security of cloud collaboration services.

The results indicate that organizations may soon be under pressure to better control the data that makes its way into the cloud.

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Is Big Data IT's Secret Weapon for Information Security?

At Infosecurity Europe 2012, we conducted a survey to determine what IT security professionals were thinking about big data. Over 180 attendees responded, answering questions about whether they thought the definition of big data itself was clear, whether it is or will be a priority for their organizations, and how they might like to use it.

IT security pros were most interested in using big data analytics to:

  • Find at risk sensitive data
  • Identify possible malicious activity
  • Find users with excessive access rights

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The State of Data Protection

In March of 2012, Varonis introduced an online survey to explore organizational adoption of current data protection practices and confidence levels, and how data protection practices correlate with data protection activities.

  • Over 80% reported that they store data belonging to customers, vendors, and other business partners
  • Only 26% reported being very confident that data stored within their organization is protected

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The Future of Enterprise Platforms?

The data points are pretty clear that we’re in a world where the PC is one device among many. According to Gartner, worldwide PC sales (desktop and laptop) are expected to decline by 7% by the end of 2013. This is not just a temporary trend but, in fact, the sign of a long term slide. Gartner also predicts that sales of tablet devices, at around 467 million units, will surpass PCs by 2017i .

Download to find out:

  • Percentage of IT Infrastructure on Premise
  • Enterprise Mobile Relevancy
  • The Most Relevant OS Trends in the Enterprise

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EU General Data Protection Regulation

Varonis conducted a survey in March 2015 of IT professionals who attended CeBIT, Europe’s largest IT show, about their general beliefs regarding the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation, which is expected to go into effect this year or next.

  • 80% think that a bank is the most likely organization to be the first to suffer the maximum fine (of 100 million Euros) for failing to meet the EU Data Protection Regulation.
  • When asked in which country the bank is most likely to be based, of those surveyed 30% said Germany, 28% said U.S.A., and 22% said another EU country.

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PDF DocumentGet 7 Tips on GDPR Compliance