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Varonis Data Governance Suite

Sustainably reduce risk and increase productivity

Our products automate time-consuming data management and protection tasks and extract valuable insights from your human-generated data.

Varonis provides breakthrough solutions for human-generated data, the fastest-growing and most sensitive class of digital information.

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Put access control decisions where they belong: with business users.

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Ensure the right access to the right data, monitor use, flag abuse.

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IDU Classification Framework

Find and protect sensitive information with context-aware data classification.

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Real-time alerts on sensitive data access, privilege escalations, and more.

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Data Transport Engine

Automate your data rentention policies to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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We reduce risk, complexity, and cost for thousands of enterprises.

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

“DatAdvantage gives us the full solution we need to audit data access and to see user permissions. When it comes to understanding where permissions come from, we don't have to guess 'How does this user have access to this data?'”

Chuck Klawans, Information Security Officer

Boston University

“Varonis offered a very strong combination of features and capabilities without having to go to multiple products and incur multiple licensing fees.”

Quinn Shamblin, Executive Director and Information Security Officer

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