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IDU Classification Framework

Identify and remove risk with actionable data classification

Find and protect sensitive information in Windows, NAS, UNIX/Linux, and SharePoint. See who can access sensitive data, monitor activity, and prevent breaches.

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Why Varonis?

A single terabyte of data usually contains about 50,000 folders; many are likely to contain files that are considered sensitive. Data classification technology promises to help find sensitive files, but finding them is just the beginning. Then, the really difficult challenges arise:

Who has access to them? Who is using them? Who owns them? Where are they most at risk? What can I do to fix them?

Regulators aren’t satisfied just knowing where sensitive data is—you must ensure that access is limited and monitored on an ongoing basis. Varonis makes it easy.

What our customers are saying

“What we have now is unprecedented visibility into who has access to which information.”

Jan Billiet, Director of IS Security and Risk Management, Philip Morris International

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Actionable intelligence

Just understanding what data is sensitive isn’t enough to protect it. You need to understand how it’s being used, including who has access, who’s using it, and who it belongs to. You need context around the data in order to really begin to protect it. Varonis provides the context necessary to take action.

Sensitive Data with Context

See where sensitive data exists and overexposed.

Data Classification Report

Quickly prioritize and remediate risk

A built-in report shows you a prioritized list of folders that contain the most sensitive data and are most exposed—through global access groups (everyone, authenticated users, etc.) and/or normal groups that contain too many members. Other metrics can be used to prioritize remediation, including activity, size of files, and density of files.

True incremental scanning

Varonis’ engine doesn’t have to check every single file’s modification date to see if it changed and requires rescanning. Instead, it works from a known list of changed objects provided by DatAdvantage’s powerful auditing functionality. This is a far better approach than a standard (but slow) crawl of the entire file system every single day.

Whitepaper: Accelerate Data Protection with Context Awareness →

Extensible architecture

You can use Varonis’ highly efficient scanning engine or pull in classification information from a third-party DLP product and the IDU Classification Framework will display and report on content classification information seamlessly.

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