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Unstructured Data Protection and Management

The Varonis Data Governance suite helps organizations manage and protect their unstructured and semi structured data—the documents, spreadsheets, presentations, media files and other business data in file servers, NAS devices, SharePoint and Exchange. These critical data assets are massive and growing rapidly. According to industry analysts:

  • 80% of organizational data is unstructured
  • Unstructured data will grow by 650% in the next five years

Even though these assets are growing and important, critical questions about them can’t be answered without Metadata Framework technology:

  • Who has access to them?
  • Who should and shouldn't have access to them?
  • Who uses them?
  • Who abuses their access?
  • Who owns them?
  • Which are sensitive and exposed to risk?

The Varonis Data Governance Suite helps answer these urgent questions, aligns critical business assets with their proper owners, and empowers them with intelligence to make decisions about access controls and appropriate use, that are then executed without IT intervention.

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Within hours of installation

You can instantly conduct a permissions audit to see file and folder access permissions and how those map to specific users and groups. You can even generate reports.

Within a day of installation

Varonis® DatAdvantage® will begin to show you which users are accessing the data, and how.

Within 3 weeks of installation

Varonis® DatAdvantage® will actually make highly reliable recommendations about how to limit access to files and folders to just those users who need it for their jobs.