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Least Privilege Automation

The most scalable, intelligent way to enforce Zero Trust across your cloud ecosystem and on-prem data stores.


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Data exposure is your #1 risk. Manual remediation isn’t the answer.

The average organization has tens of millions of unique permissions exposing critical data to too many people, the entire organization, or even the internet. It would take an army of admins years to right-size data access. Varonis can safely eliminate millions of risky permissions across your cloud collaboration platforms and corporate file systems with the industry’s first fully autonomous remediation engine.
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Automated permissions remediation

Varonis makes intelligent decisions about who needs access to data and who doesn’t — continually reducing your blast radius without human intervention and without breaking the business. Easily monitor the progress of these policies and roll back org-wide permissions if needed.
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Customizable remediation policies

Varonis comes with ready-made remediation policies that you can personalize for your organization. You define the guardrails and our automation will do the rest. Customize based on sensitivity, staleness, location, link type, and more. Preview results and review permissions affected by your policy before committing.
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Continuous risk assessment

Varonis gives you a real-time view of your data security posture by combining file sensitivity, access, and activity. From shared links to nested permissions groups, we calculate effective permissions and prioritize remediation based on risk.
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Get the most advanced data risk assessment in the industry. For free.

  • Map key data stores
  • Prioritize risks
  • Receive a critical findings report
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