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Data Discovery and Classification

Automatically discover, classify, and lock down sensitive and regulated data.

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Escape findings fatigue.
Discover actionable classification.

Other data classification solutions can find sensitive data, but then can’t do anything to protect it. Varonis goes beyond findings — not only showing you where sensitive data is concentrated and exposed, but also removing unnecessary access to achieve compliance and keep your risk low. 

Accurate results

Our vast library of hundreds of out-of-the-box policies goes beyond regular expressions. We use proximity-matching, negative keywords, and algorithmic verification to generate high-fidelity results. Easily confirm classification results with file analysis, which shows you exactly where the classification result appears within a document.

DDaC_Accurateresults_FNL DDaC_Accurateresults_FNL
Flexible policies

Built-in policies automatically discover PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, and more across cloud apps and infrastructure, on-prem file shares, and hybrid NAS devices. Easily customize rules to discover intellectual property or other org-specific data.

DDaC_Flexiblepolicies_FNL DDaC_Flexiblepolicies_FNL
Prioritize exposed sensitive data
Varonis not only finds where you have sensitive data but also shows you where sensitive data is concentrated and exposed so that you can prioritize where to focus to reduce data exposure. Deep permissions analysis and built-in automation features can help reduce risk to sensitive data at scale.
DDaC_RiskPrioritization_FNL DDaC_RiskPrioritization_FNL
True incremental scanning
Our file activity audit trail tells the classification engine which files have been created or changed; no need to re-scan every file or check the last modified date. You can also control the scope of what you want to classify for even speedier results and lower processing loads.
DDaC_ScaleableScanning_FNL DDaC_ScaleableScanning_FNL
Automated labeling

Use Varonis’ classification results to find and fix files that have been misclassified by end users or not labeled at all. Easily enforce data protection policies, like encryption, with labels.

DDaC_Built-inlabeling_FNL DDaC_Built-inlabeling_FNL

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