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Data Activity Auditing

Capture and search every important action at petabyte scale.

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Continuous data activity auditing

Varonis maps the flow of sensitive data with a searchable log of activity — every create, read, update, delete, upload, download, and share action (with who, what, when, and where details). Our platform records activity for files, folders, emails, and objects accelerating cross-platform security investigations for cloud and on-prem environments and assisting with data breach reporting.
DataActivity DataActivity

Privileged account discovery and monitoring

Varonis auto-discovers privileged accounts, such as executive and service accounts and admins, based on user behavior, group memberships, and other metadata. Our Data Security Platform closely tracks activity to detect potential compromise. Use Varonis to alert on enrollment of new admins, admin account changes, and segregation of duty violations by admins.
DAA_AdminMonitoring_FNL DAA_AdminMonitoring_FNL

Least privilege automation

Effortlessly eliminate data exposure from shared links and stale permissions. Varonis makes intelligent decisions about who needs access to data and who doesn’t — continually reducing your blast radius without human intervention.
CM_GlobalAccessRemediation_FNL CM_GlobalAccessRemediation_FNL

Data-centric threat detection and forensics

Varonis collects billions of events from multiple data sources without the use of endpoint agents, and applies machine learning to build behavioral profiles for every user and device. Quickly investigate a security incident with a detailed forensics log to identify what was affected and begin recovery efforts.
ThreatDetectionandForensics ThreatDetectionandForensics

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