GDPR Compliance

Prepare your business for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with Varonis.


GDPR is All About Protecting Personal Data

It's not just changing the landscape of regulated data protection law, but the way that companies collect and manage personal data.

Varonis helps companies meet GDPR compliance requirements: automatically identify and classify GDPR data, establish access controls and data protection policies, and build a unified data security strategy to protect customer data.

How Can Varonis Help You with GDPR Readiness?

Automatically discover and classify GDPR data
Report on GDPR affected data
Establish data retention policies
Protect regulated data and restrict access to sensitive data
Detect breach activity and policy violation
Alert on suspicious activity and potential data leaks
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Discover, manage, and protect your GDPR data with Varonis.

Varonis makes it easy to automatically find and classify GDPR affected data: from national identification numbers to IBAN to blood type to credit card information. We have hundreds of GDPR specific patterns so that you can easily identify and protect data that falls within the GDPR.

Our GDPR dashboard and out-of-the-box GDPR data reports show you where your GDPR data is vulnerable at-a-glance and highlights overexposed data that may leave you open to compliance violations.

Sample mapping of GDPR Articles to Varonis:

Article 17
Right to erasure and “to be forgotten”
Configure end-to-end migration rules based on defined criteria to allow for the rapid and safe execution of complex data migrations, and to easily implement and enforce policies for data retention or deletion.
Article 25
Data protection by design and by default
Monitor, track and report on file activity & user behavior, manage permissions and get to a least privilege model.
Article 30
Records of Processing Activities
Conduct data security reviews and generate reports based on type of data, access activity, and more.
Article 32
Security of Processing
Reduce risk and manage access controls: automate and impose least privilege with entitlement reviews and proactively enforced ethical walls and security policies.
Article 33
Notification of a personal data breach to the supervisory authority
Detect abnormal data activity, policy violations and generate alerts to notify you as it happens.
Article 35
Data protection impact assessment
Monitor and assess your state of data protection and security with a data risk assessment: identify and lock down sensitive data, analyze accounts with suspicious behavior, detect malware activity, and more.

“Prior to implementing a least privilege model with Varonis, 40% of our files were overexposed when they didn’t need to be. This kind of exposure isn’t a problem until a security breach occurs. Should there be a breach, we’re now able to quickly identify and target problem areas in a manner we weren’t previously able to do."

— Denise Evans, Vice President of Information Technology, Miramax

Varonis works across the whole organization – it works with our infrastructure, our active directory, it works on all the hardware and software we have. It’s allowed us to see what goes on – and see what’s out there.

— Wade Sendall, Vice President, The Boston Globe

Why Varonis

Varonis is a data security platform that protects your file and email servers from cyberattacks and insider threats. We analyze the behavior of the people and machines that access your data, alert on misbehavior, and enforce a least privilege model.

Enforce a least privilege model
Automatically remediate global access group permissions, reduce overexposure of sensitive data, and establish and maintain a least privilege model.
Achieve regulatory compliance
Automate reports, map permissions, monitor data access, and manage audit trails to meet data requirements for GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLB, FERC/NERC, and more.
Prevent data breaches
Detect insider threats and security gaps by analyzing data, account activity, and user behavior. Prevent disaster by monitoring every file and email touch and locking down sensitive data.

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