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Find and protect California consumer information with Varonis

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"We use Varonis to make sure PII data like social security numbers and date of birth are locked down. Data Transport Engine helps enforce our retention policies."

Senior security engineer Health insurance company


Know where CCPA personal information lives

Protect CCPA data from malware and insider threats

Comply with CCPA Data Subject Access Requests


Find, protect, and monitor CCPA-protected information on prem and in the cloud

Active Directory
Office 365
Dell EMC
Box Box

Find and classify CCPA-related data automatically

Varonis scans every file and automatically identifies sensitive data using hundreds of ready-built rules and validation algorithms to uncover the CCPA protected personal information on prem and in the cloud. Patterns update automatically to ensure you stay compliant.

Go beyond classification and protect personal information

Finding personal information is only the first step. Keep information private by limiting who has access to it, and protect it from breaches with advanced threat detection.

Varonis knows when attackers or malicious insiders access your CCPA personal data. Detailed alerts lead you directly to the users and devices that could be compromised to jump start incident response.


Satisfy DSARs and “Right to be Forgotten” painlessly

Access California resident information with the click of a button and easily export it for sharing. Also, be sure that all applicable information is deleted, if necessary.

Keep CCPA data safe on an ongoing basis

Enforce policies to keep risk low as new personal information is collected. Automatically move or quarantine CCPA data to keep it private, and remove stale CCPA data that’s no longer used so it can’t be compromised.


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Do you know where your CCPA personal information lives?

Find out with our easy, obligation-free Risk Assessment. Our engineers will do all the heavy lifting and provide you with a report that shows where CCPA data lives and where it might be overexposed for you to use as you tackle privacy regulation preparedness.