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Varonis in the Cloud

Our cloud-native platform deploys in minutes and offers immediate time-to-value. No overhead. Just outcomes.


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Meaningful security outcomes on autopilot.

Our mission is to deliver low-touch, accurate security outcomes. With powerful automation capabilities, your data becomes more secure by the minute. Even when you’re not logged in, Varonis is classifying more data, revoking permissions, enforcing policies, and triggering alerts for our IR team to review on your behalf.
Autopilot@2x Autopilot@2x

Low total cost of ownership

There’s no need to supply hardware, purchase SQL Server licenses, or deploy complicated virtual machines. SaaS reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the operational costs of self-hosting.
Low-TCO@2x Low-TCO@2x

One subscription, endless functionality

We’ve drastically simplified our licensing model. When you buy a Varonis Data Security Platform subscription, you get all our core functionality by default: data classification, access intelligence, least privilege automation, data activity monitoring, UEBA, sensitivity labeling, and more.
Endless-Functionality@2x Endless-Functionality_mob@2x

Fast deployment, instant insights

The Varonis SaaS platform can be deployed in minutes. Insights, alerts, and exposures populate instantly, delivering value fast. A dedicated engineer helps with onboarding, training, and configuration. Cloud-to-cloud monitoring is completely agentless and out-of-band.
Instant-insights@2x Instant-insights@2x

Proactive incident response

When you connect to the Varonis cloud, our team of cybersecurity experts can have eyes on your alerts. If we see something alarming, we’ll alert you. Plus, our support team can quickly troubleshoot issues without accessing your corporate network.
Proactive-IR@2x Proactive-IR@2x

Continuous threat model and
policy updates

Get immediate access to the latest product features, including the newest threat models and classification policies. No time-consuming upgrades, package downloads, or patches needed.
Continuous-Updates@2x Continuous-Updates@2x

Get the most advanced data risk assessment in the industry. For free.

  • Critical findings report
  • Clear path to remediation
  • Full access to the Varonis Data Security Platform
  • No strings attached