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Varonis works across the whole organization. It works with our infrastructure, our Active Directory, it works on all the hardware and software we have. It’s allowed us to see what goes on – and see what’s out there.

– Wade Sendall | Vice President of IT, Boston Globe

Varonis gives us the monitoring view that we lacked previously – in terms of regulation, on a file server level... Varonis DatAdvantage delivered the vital intelligence we were lacking.

– Kash Sharma | Identity Management, ING DIRECT

Varonis DatAlert helps us to identify and stop these breaches. It helps us better understand if the ransomware was successful and whether it reached any of our share drives. We need this context so we can respond quickly and stop it from expanding and destroying folders.

– Gary Haslip | CISO, City of San Diego


A week into our implementation we had a brush with ransomware. One of the employees remotely connected and went on a site that started downloading Locky. Luckily DatAlert immediately told me when the individual started encrypting the file, so we disabled the account and restored the files.

Without Varonis we would have ended up with a much broader exposure of the breach and the result would have been a lot worse.

–Lee Powe | CIO, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

With security, you can’t be trusting…the best tool out there that we saw is Varonis.

We’re using Varonis on every single server on our network – every single server is monitored… a lot of people don’t document everything they touch – this thing does. It catches everything.

–Stuart Browy | Security Engineer, TrialCard

We wanted to ensure that we could prevent and monitor any ransomware or malware attacks: DatAlert has allowed us to do that very easily. It was demonstrated very quickly that this is a product that works – Varonis does what it says it can do.

–Ron Mark | Innovation and IT Manager, Gas Strategies

In short, Varonis is the only solution deployed in our environment with the power to identify infected files post-mortem and generate real-time alerts on any future cryptoware or ransomware activity.

| Director of Security, Federal Credit Union

DatAlert adds huge value to us: with the threat of things like CryptoLocker coming down the wire, we wanted to be in a really strong position to know that we were making the right choices and providing the right protection for our data so that we could add value for our users and give them the assurance… that we have a proactive solution in place to resolve and mitigate that risk.

–Andrew Soper | Head of IT, Frontier Economics

We had many security tools in place including network, endpoint, IPS, and IDS.

Out of all these products, Varonis was the only solution that alerted us to the ransomware we encountered.

| IT Director, Seismic Data Company


With security, you can’t be trusting…the best tool out there that we saw is Varonis.

We’re using Varonis on every single server on our network – every single server is monitored… a lot of people don’t document everything they touch – this thing does. It catches everything.It was demonstrated very quickly that [DatAlert] is a product that works – Varonis does what it says it can do.

Stuart Browy Security Engineer TrialCard

A real differentiator between DatAdvantage and the other solutions we explored was the breadth of features that it offers. It finds your sensitive data, gives you the ability to track it and assess it against baseline end-user activity, and automatically alerts you when abnormal behaviors begin to happen.

DatAdvantage allows us to see what’s happening, giving us the ability to take action if we need to.

Louise Finn CIO Loyola University Maryland

“Varonis is a feature-rich unstructured data analysis powerhouse that is ever improving” Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

– Security & Risk Manager in the Healthcare Industry

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Varonis is a one-stop shop: auditability and accountability of your file systems, and the ability to stop and assess risks. We can act very quickly on threats, before they have a chance to actually affect our system.

– Ian Aldridge | IT infrastructure Manager, Semperian PPP Investment Partners

The Varonis professional services team was absolutely astounding! They worked endlessly until all my issues were resolved and made my job easier! Thank you all for making this a HUGE success and WIN for T-Mobile!

– Patricia Echarbarned | IT, T-Mobile

Prior to implementing a least privilege model with Varonis, 40% of our files were overexposed when they didn’t need to be. This kind of exposure isn’t a problem until a security breach occurs. Should there be a breach, we’re now able to quickly identify and target problem areas in a manner we weren’t previously able to do.

– Denise Evans | Vice President of Information Technology, Miramax

Malware got through our [new, next-generation] firewall, IDS, and alerts on our SIEM. We also had two separate [malware detection] agents running on the workstation.

A Varonis alert triggered within three minutes of the outbreak. We had enabled alerting but had yet to configure any kind of automatic response, so we just walked down the hall and unplugged the machine.

– Director of Information Security | Timber Production Company

We used the Data Classification Framework to scan 3.3 TB of data and, in a few hours, identified and helped us restore tens of thousands of encrypted files on our NAS. We now use DatAlert as part of our incident response plan to detect and defend against ransomware attacks in progress.

– VP of Information Technology | National Healthcare Provider

We’ve been so pleased with the implementation of Varonis. It provides us with a more granular look at where our data resides and who is accessing it.

As an organization representing the health insurance industry, security is a central priority for us and with the Varonis solutions in place, we know we can rest assured that any unusual activity will be caught and stopped before damage takes place.

– Anthony Meoni | VP of Information and Business Technology, American Health Insurance Plans

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