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Customer Story: Zurich Insurance

Learn how Varonis Automation Engine helped Zurich Insurance dramatically reduce their risk at scale.


Office 365

Office 365 Data Security and Threat Detection lets you lock down sensitive files and emails, monitor user behavior, and prevent data leaks across Office 365 and on-premises data with a unified data security platform.


Data Classification Labels

Varonis Data Classification Labels integrates with Microsoft Azure Information Protection to protect incoming and outgoing data. Correlate classification rules with AIP labels to apply security policies. Extend coverage to additional 3rd party integrations like endpoint and DLP to get 360° data protection.


Varonis and Microsoft

Between data in Microsoft 365 and on prem, you need Varonis’ unique data-centric technology to lock down and monitor every file in this hacker’s playground.


Varonis at Varonis – Guy Shamilov

Varonis CISO Guy Shamilov describes how Varonis uses the Data Security Platform.


California Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will put in place some of the strictest privacy regulations in the US. If your organization has customers in California, you must be compliant.


The Varonis Data Security Platform

The Varonis Data Security Platform. What we bring together is what sets us apart: a fully integrated solution focused on protecting enterprise data stored on-premises and in the cloud.



DatAdvantage is the heart of the Varonis Data Security Platform, giving you complete visibility and control over your critical data and hybrid IT infrastructure.



DatAlert, security analytics for your data. Spot threats before they become breaches.


Data Classification Engine

Turn on the lights and see what’s hiding inside your files. Varonis automatically scans and classifies sensitive, regulated information stored in file shares, NAS devices, SharePoint, and Office 365.



Easily respond to data subject access requests by surfacing personal information across cloud and on-prem files with fast and powerful search.



DataPrivilege helps you ensure compliance and get to least privilege by giving business users the power to review and manage access controls without IT assistance.


Varonis and ServiceNow Integration

See how Varonis integrates with ServiceNow, to make it easier for your company to keep data locked down and accessible only to those who really need it.


Automation Engine

The Varonis Automation Engine automatically repairs and maintains file systems so that you’re less vulnerable to attacks, more compliant, and consistently meeting a least privilege model.



With Edge, our best-in-class security analytics combines perimeter telemetry with data access activity to detect and stop malware, APT intrusions, and data exfiltration.


GDPR – What Should You Do Now?

Even if you don't have a physical presence in the EU, you may still be subject to the regulations. This video will give you a quick run-down of what you need to know.


Customer Story: Boston Globe, Brown University, Century Bank

Learn how these three customers use DatAlert to stop ransomware and detect insider threats.


Customer Story: TrialCard

Learn why TrialCard is using Varonis on every single server on their network.


Customer Story: Loyola University Maryland

See how Varonis helps Loyola University of Maryland keep their data safe behind the scenes.


Customer Story: Frontier Economics, Gas Strategies, Semperian PPP Investment Partners

Learn more about how these customers prevent and monitor ransomware and malware attacks with DatAlert.


How Varonis Helps with GDPR Compliance

Learn how Varonis helps oganizations meet GDPR compliance requirements.


DatAdvantage for Directory Services

DatAdvantage for Directory Services lets you easily report and alert on changes to critical security groups, users, group policies, OUs, and other AD objects.


DatAlert Threat Models

DatAlert's sophisticated threat models analyze behavior across multiple platforms and alert you to suspicious activity and potential data breaches.


Insider Threats and Inside-Out Security

Learn why perimeter security alone is not enough, and how to protect your data from the inside out.


All About Ransomware

Ransomware is everywhere these days – and it’s getting worse. New strains are sneakier, do more damage, and demand higher ransoms. Learn how Varonis protects you.


Protecting Data Like Money

With so many users accessing so much data, identifying threats can be difficult. But we can learn from other technologies that spot and block threats at scale, like credit card transactions.


Protecting Data from the Inside Out

Data breaches can be devastating, so why is it so easy for data to be stolen? Hear from our CEO and CMO about protecting data from the inside out.

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