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We’re fighting a different battle than conventional cybersecurity companies—where data is protected first, not last.

Data Protection
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Regain complete visibility and control over your valuable data with in-depth permissions mapping, risk remediation, activity auditing, and compliance reporting.
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Automation Engine

Massively reduce your attack surface—and keep it that way—by safely and continually revoking open access to sensitive data without human interaction.

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Enforce Zero Trust by giving business users the power to review and manage access controls without IT assistance.

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Data Transport Engine

Create automated rules to move, archive, quarantine, or delete data based on content type, sensitivity, age, access activity, and countless other conditions.

Threat Detection & Response
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Detect and respond to threats to your data with ML-powered behavioral analysis that can identify suspicious activity without signatures or endpoint agents.

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Combine perimeter telemetry with data access activity to stop intrusions and data exfiltration at the edge of your network.

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Varonis for Active Directory

Harden your AD and Azure AD infrastructure by uncovering hidden attack paths, monitoring critical settings, and alerting on behavioral anomalies.

Privacy & Compliance
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Data Classification Engine

Accurately discover sensitive data, see where it’s exposed, and lock it down without interrupting business.

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Data Classification Labels

Programmatically apply persistent sensitivity labels to encrypt, obfuscate, or lock down your most important files.

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Policy Pack

Deploy an ever-expanding library of accurate and comprehensive rules to find and protect GDPR and CCPA data.

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Federal Policy Pack

A library of classification policies to find and protect top secret, secret, and confidential government documents.

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Satisfy data subject access requests (DSARs) by surfacing personal information across cloud and on-prem files with fast and powerful PII search.

Cloud Security
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Varonis for Microsoft 365

Secure your M365 data in ways that are extremely difficult, or flat-out impossible, with Microsoft’s out-of-the-box security suite.

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DatAdvantage Cloud

Reduce your SaaS and IaaS blast radius and detect threats with cross-cloud permissions and activity analysis for Salesforce, GitHub, AWS, Google, and more.


Varonis focuses on protecting enterprise data where it lives—in the largest and most important data stores and applications across the cloud and on-premises.  


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Third-Party Apps

Connect Varonis to the security and privacy tools in your tech stack via ready-made apps and API-based integrations.

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