SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

Monitor your SaaS security posture in real-time and fix misconfigurations when they arise. Other SSPM vendors open tickets. Varonis fixes SaaS risks at the source.

  • Cloud-native
  • Automated
  • Broad coverage
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Partner with the leader in data security.

Forrester’s report states "Varonis is a top choice for organizations prioritizing deep data visibility, classification capabilities, and automated remediation for data access."

You found a SaaS risk, now what?

Most SSPM solutions discover misconfigurations, but then put the onus on you to fix them. With Varonis, you have a platform to fully understand and fix configuration risks.

Comprehensive coverage

  • Monitor SaaS, IaaS, and file storage from one console
  • Discover third-party apps 
  • Compare against compliance frameworks 


Automated remediation

  • Get detailed posture insights
  • Auto-fix risky misconfigurations
  • Remove third-party apps or users

Award-winning threat detection

  • Automate alert and response
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Get 24x7x365 MDDR coverage

I think of Varonis as being, when you're driving down the road and you have that blind spot. Varonis covers that blind spot for us.

Montrey Jackson
Director of Infrastructure and Security

Posture management

Varonis continually scans your SaaS and IaaS environment for risky configurations. Detailed insights show you exactly why something is a risk and what you should do about it. Auto-fix misconfigurations directly from the UI, without another ticketing workflow.

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Align to compliance frameworks

Measure your SaaS security posture against common frameworks and regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, NIST, and ITAR. Ensure compliance with configuration management, accurate out-of-the-box classifiers, policies, activity auditing, and reports.

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Manage third-party app risk

Auto-discover and control sanctioned and unsanctioned third-party apps. Monitor activity and make surgical interventions, including removing specific users, in addition to the apps themselves.

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Data detection and response

Get a searchable forensic audit trail of data access activity, permissions changes, link sharing, email send/receive, authentication events, and much more. Varonis builds a behavior baseline for every user and responds to threats.

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One platform for multi-cloud, SaaS, and on-premises data.

Varonis protects enterprise data where it lives — in the largest and most important data stores and applications across the cloud and behind your firewall.

Ready to see the #1 Data Security Platform in action?

Ready to see the #1 Data Security Platform in action?