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Policy Pack

Shockingly accurate data classification policies.

  • 400+ GDPR and CCPA policies
  • Accurate and automatic classification
  • Built and tested by privacy experts

Never write another confusing RegEx.

Policy Pack gives you access to hundreds of expert-built, auto-updating policies to accurately discover personal information covered by GDPR and CCPA.


Pinpoint accuracy. Petabyte scale.

Get accurate classification results across petabytes of unstructured data with few false positives. Our policies go beyond regular expressions with proximity matching, negative keywords, and algorithmic verification to generate high-fidelity results.

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Don’t just find personal data, protect it.

Finding personal information is only the first step. With Varonis, you can see which PII is exposed, automate remediation, and alert on misuse.

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As data privacy regulations change, it’s not always possible to keep track of the specifics. Varonis does it for us with off-the-shelf data classification.
CISO, U.S. Commodities Trader Read the case study

Key features

Automatic policy updates

We update our policy definitions automatically so you can be confident your data classification results reflect the latest changes in data privacy laws.

Pre-defined audit & compliance reports

Unlock a massive library of reports to provide concrete evidence of compliance. Run reports on-demand or email them on a schedule.

GDPR & CCPA dashboards

Prioritize data risk based on sensitivity, exposure, and staleness. Demonstrate remediation progress with dashboards that track PII exposure over time.

Advanced threat detection

DatAlert monitors regulated data access and alerts you to abnormal PII activity from ransomware to insider threats.

Attack surface reduction

Automatically restrict access to personal information and minimize its exposure with the Automation Engine.

DSAR automation

Fulfill data subject access requests (DSARs) and Right to be Forgotten requests with ease using DatAnswers. Export the results to be moved, deleted, or quarantined.

Policy enforcement

Reduce risk by finding stale personal information and moving, archiving, or deleting it with a Data Transport Engine rule designed around your retention policies.