GDPR Patterns

GDPR Data Security and Classification

Automatically identify GDPR data, monitor and analyze suspicious behavior and file activity on GDPR data, and get ready for GDPR with a data-centric security approach.

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Automatically identify and classify GDPR data with over 340 exclusive patterns that cover all 28 EU countries. Our classification goes beyond Regular Expressions (RegExes) and includes keywords, proximity, negative keywords, and exclusive validation algorithms – so that you can discover, manage, and protect GDPR data.

These patterns and classifications will help you meet GDPR head-on so that you can automatically identify and classify GDPR data, build out security policy to monitor and alert on GDPR affected data.

Country specific patterns:
  • National Identification Numbers
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Vehicle ID Information
  • Banking Information
  • And more…
Universal patterns:
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • IP Addresses
  • Blood Type
  • And more…
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Make Privacy by Design your default

GDPR dashboards give you at-a-glance visibility of your vulnerable and overexposed GDPR data – so that you can remediate and lock down at-risk data.

Flag overexposed personal data, manage permissions, and lock sensitive data down to only the people who should be able to access GDPR data.

Identify stale data and automatically move, quarantine, and archive GDPR data so that you reduce risk of overexposure and non-compliance.

Generate reports on GDPR data to help identify security vulnerabilities and give you 360 visibility wherever your data lives.

Create alerts on GDPR eligible data to help meet GDPR breach notification requirements. Detect data leaks and policy violations, and reduce your risk of fines for non-compliance.

Find and manage GDPR data to comply with DSARs and right to be forgotten requests, and export the results to be moved, deleted, or quarantined.

Discover your GDPR data

Protect your GDPR Data with advanced security analytics

Alert on activity on your GDPR data: track suspicious behavior and unusual activity on GDPR data, and get risk assessment insights with deep data context so that you know when something’s not right.

Detect security breaches and suspicious activity on GDPR data with GDPR threat models in DatAlert. Visualize risk, investigate suspicious behavior, and act on security violations before it’s too late.

Access to an unusual number of idle GDPR files
Low and slow increase in number of idle GDPR files accessed
Unusual number of GDPR files deleted or modified
Permission changes: Global Access Groups added to folder with significant GDPR data.
Unusual number of GDPR files with denied access
Abnormal service behavior: access to atypical folders containing GDPR data
GDPR was data accessed in the past 24 hours
An unusual amount of data was uploaded to an external website after accessing GDPR data
An unusual amount of data was uploaded to email websites after accessing GDPR data

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