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Stop infiltration and exfiltration.

  • Correlate data access with edge telemetry
  • Detect suspicious VPN, DNS, and web activity
  • Stop brute-force, C2, and data exfiltration
Expand your detection window.

Varonis starts at the heart—watching your data—and fans outward to the network edge. By correlating events at each layer, our threat models give you the best chance at fighting APTs and insider threats.


Edge is your canary in the coalmine.

Get real-time awareness of risky configurations and early indicators of compromise. Our threat models continually learn behaviors specific to your organization.

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Event logs never looked this good.

We don’t just copy raw network device logs—we give you clean, human-readable events enriched with valuable context like URL reputation, account type, and data sensitivity.

Trace any incident back to your data.


See suspicious events at the edge


Identify the top-offending user or device


Easily answer “what data did they access?”

Varonis Edge was our MVP. Edge directed us to the computers with suspicious DNS requests, correlated them with specific users, and showed us the IPs we needed to block.
Security Analyst, Large Services Company Read the case study

Key features

No endpoint agents

Edge monitors network devices (VPN, proxy, and DNS) so there is no need to deploy endpoint agents. We also do not charge based on volume. Ingest all you want.

Automated responses

Trigger a custom action for each alert type with our flexible PowerShell-based response scripts.

Continuous updates

Our data scientists continually introduce new behavior-based threat models to detect evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures used by APTs. 

Integrated threat intelligence

URL reputation enrichment separates risky connections from normal ones.

Event normalization

Edge normalizes events from different devices and vendors into a standard, normalized format that is simple to query.

SIEM integration

Send hi-fidelity data-centric alerts to your SIEM for correlation via syslog, SNMP, or one of our ready-made connectors

No-cost incident response and forensics team.

Our global team of security analysts is here to help all customers and trial users investigate any incident for free.
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