Data Transport Engine

Rules of the Road for Your Data

Automatically transport your data to where it should be.

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Transport data cross-domain and cross-platform

Data Transport Engine automatically moves, archives, quarantines, or deletes data based on content type, age, access activity, and more. Migrate data cross-domain or cross-platform, all while keeping permissions intact and even making them better.

Quarantine sensitive and regulated content, discover data to collect for legal hold, identify data to archive and delete, and optimize your existing platforms.

Create the rules you need

Create file and folder transportation rules based on context, activity, classification, and permissions: the Data Transport Engine will move files from one location to another that match the rule.

Clean up stale data
Clean up stale data automatically, while leaving stub files behind so your users can still access archived data if needed.
Protect sensitive data
Move sensitive files to where they should be - automatically quarantine misplaced sensitive data, lock down critical and regulated data.
Migrate data
Automatically migrate data from one storage server to another while maintaining or updating file access permissions.
Automate compliance
Set rules that scan for regulated data like GDPR, and automatically detect and quarantine regulated data based on retention limits.
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Migrate sensitive and stale data

Meet retention policies
Automatically move stale and regulated data to the right place.
Create rules based on content
If somebody puts sensitive data where it’s not supposed to be, automatically move it to a secure location.
Mirror permissions
Mirror the existing permissions and update permissions to achieve least privilege.
Eliminate downtime
Automatically synchronize source and destination data with incremental copying – even if the source data is still being used.
Move data on your time
Set a schedule to copy data (and metadata) while adhering to maintenance windows and time constraints.
Measure twice, cut once
Simulate your migrations before you execute. View the outcome of migration rules in a sandbox to make your migration flawless.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • Can I move data cross-domain?

    With Data Transport Engine, you can migrate data between different platforms, migrate data between servers in different domains, and even map permissions from one platform to another.

  • How do you create transport rules?

    You can use the rule configuration wizard to set up rules based on your data transport needs: copy data from one folder to another, define project scope, delete empty folders after copying, even mirror permissions.

  • How do you mirror permissions?

    Data Transport Engine has out-of-the-box rules that enable copying folders and files such that the destination folder is identical to the source folder in terms of both content and permissions.

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