The most powerful way to find, monitor, and protect sensitive data at scale.

Rapidly reduce risk, detect abnormal behavior, and prove compliance with the all-in-one data security platform that won’t slow you down.

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Know where your sensitive data lives.

Ensure only the right people have access.

Detect and stop malware and insider threats.

Sustain a secure state without manual effort.

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A platform, a team, and a plan that give you every possible advantage

An Integrated Platform

Classification, access governance and behavioral analytics combine to lock down data, stop threats, and take the pain out of compliance.

A Proven Plan to Make it Work

We bring you a proven methodology to monitor, protect, and manage your data informed by thousands of successful rollouts.

A Team Who Keeps You Miles Ahead

Hundreds of elite security pros build advanced threat models, update policies, and assist with incidents, freeing you to focus on other priorities.

Know where sensitive data is and where you’re exposed—without having to dig

Imagine if you could say, “show me every sensitive folder open to everyone” and get an instant, accurate answer.

That’s what Varonis makes possible: actionable answers delivered on demand.

See how dashboards make it easy to find and prioritize risk at scale (5 min)

Find, protect, and monitor sensitive data on-prem and in the cloud

  • Find and classify sensitive data automatically

    Varonis scans every file and automatically identifies sensitive data using hundreds of ready-built rules and validation algorithms.

    It’s the only platform that reviews access down the entire tree instead of making dangerous assumptions that leave exploitable blind spots.

    And it won’t slow down your network.

  • See who owns, has access to, and uses data (and who shouldn’t, but does)

    Access is mapped by connecting users and security groups to access control lists on the data stores themselves.

    Every global access group and broken ACL becomes immediately obvious.

    And because events are tied back to identities, Varonis can highlight users who no longer need access.

  • Visualize risk in a way that’s easy to manage, prioritize, and act

    Instead of enormous unmanageable lists, our dashboards give you fast answers to questions like…

    • How many sensitive files are open to everyone?
    • Which sensitive data has been shared with external users?
    • Whose mailboxes have serious permissions issues?
    • Which admin, executive, or service accounts are vulnerable to breach?

    All of the context and granular details are within just a few clicks.

    With context at your fingertips, you can prioritize your efforts based on risk, sensitivity or access activity.

  • Review a complete history of any file

    Admins or security analysts are only a few clicks away from knowing who's been opening, creating, deleting, or modifying any important files, sites, Azure Active Directory objects, emails, and more.

Put data protection on autopilot—without getting angry phone calls

Reducing risk shouldn’t take months—or an army of consultants. But automating feels like unleashing a bull in a china shop.

Varonis uses behavior-based automation to intelligently remediate risk on a massive scale without disrupting anyone.

See how Varonis empowers you to automate (4 min)

  • Fix thousands of global access groups and inconsistent ACLs in days, not years

    Varonis uses every data touch and event in your network to profile accounts, find overexposed data, create new groups of legitimate users, and lock things down.

  • Model changes in a sandbox to avoid disruptions

    Simulate permissions changes using historical behavior to see which users, service accounts, and apps will be impacted and how.

    Adjust as necessary, then commit with a click knowing you can roll back just as easily.

  • Prove your progress with board-ready reports

    Built-in reports show what you’ve done and how those actions have tangibly reduced risk, visualized in a way that anyone can understand.

    You’ll spend less time pulling data manually, explaining it, and justifying your approach.

Keep risk low while automating thousands of manual tasks

Enforce retention policies consistently across your environment

Create custom rules to move, tag, archive, or delete data based on content type, age, access activity, and more.

Simplify entitlement reviews and save hours of back/forth

Send certifications directly to data owners, complete with AI-powered recommendations for who should and shouldn’t have access anymore.

Streamline access governance and unburden IT

Access requests are routed to the proper stakeholders based on workflows you define, automatically granting access on approval without without relying on IT.

See where you’re at risk and get actionable steps to fix serious issues.

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Detect and respond to insider threats up to 90% faster—without drowning in alerts

Varonis uses sophisticated behavioral analytics to catch suspicious activity at any point in the kill chain.

So you get fewer but more meaningful alerts delivered with all of the context you need to act decisively, slashing response times.

See how Varonis makes abnormal behavior obvious and easy to investigate (8 min)

Deploy 100+ threat models out of the box

You no longer need to write complex correlation rules or ad-hoc queries to understand how individual events are connected.
icon Unauthorized privilege escalations
icon Modifications to critical files and units
icon Unusual encryption activity
icon Mass delete behaviors
icon Modifications to critical GPOs
icon Unusual access to system files
icon Abnormal lockout behaviors
icon Suspicious access activity
icon Unauthorized data access
icon Attempts to damage and destroy operational files
icon Permission changes
icon Unusual encryption activity
icon Exploitation tools
icon Brute force attacks
icon Misconfigurations
icon Membership changes
icon Attempted data exfiltration
icon System intrusion
icon Ransomware behavior
icon Unusual file activity
icon Unusual mailbox and email activity
icon Access to sensitive data
icon Unauthorized access attempts
icon Accumulative analysis on idle and sensitive data

Find, protect, and monitor sensitive data on-prem and in the cloud

  • Continuously monitor data both on-prem and in the cloud

    Events stream into Varonis from file servers, Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, VPN, and DNS.

    See how behavior maps to incidents and activity across platforms through one pane of glass.

  • Make legitimate threats impossible to miss

    Instead of relying on inflexible rules, Varonis uses machine learning to build behavioral profiles for users and devices:

    • Auto-identifying privileged, admin, and executive accounts
    • Benchmarking activity against peers
    • Tracking what users typically access, edit, or delete
    • Pairing users with devices and geolocations
    • Identifying normal work hours

    The platform learns what’s normal and abnormal, minimizing false positives without missing legitimate threats.

  • Investigate alerts without switching tools or stitching logs

    Alerts come packed with context: all of the who, what, when, and where, as well as why a specific threat model was triggered.

    Dive into the details on any user, device, or event with one click and get a conclusive answer to “Is my data safe?” in a fraction of the time.

  • Integrate with the apps you already trust

    Whether you want to send alerts to your inbox, a SIEM, or a syslog, Varonis delivers rich context and security intelligence for better breach detection.

When it’s “all-hands-on-deck,” we give you more hands.

You have no-cost access to a dedicated IR team who move quickly to investigate incidents, contain threats, and assist in recovery.

It’s like being able to multiply the size of your team in a crisis.

Respond decisively with Incident Response Playbooks

When there’s no time to waste, get an actionable, step-by-step process for responding to any threat: from incident notification to containment and recovery, all within the web UI.

Automate responses to stop malware and insider threats cold

Execute an exe or PowerShell script to disable accounts, power down devices, and more, with behavior-based triggers that stop malicious threats in their tracks.

Identify threats across the kill-chain up to 90% faster.

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Be confident you’re fully compliant— without failing an audit first.

GDPR doesn’t need to be a four-letter word.

Varonis gives security teams the enterprise-wide visibility they need to meet and maintain compliance under even the heaviest scrutiny.

See how Varonis makes compliance the easiest part of your job (5 min)

400+ pre-built classification patterns cover all your compliance needs

  • Find regulated data anywhere—not just where you’d expect

    See how many files and folders contain regulated data and which of those are wide open.

    Varonis limits false positives with flexible condition matching, algorithmic verification, proximity matching, smart filtering, and more.

  • Lock down regulated data safely and automatically

    Eliminate unnecessary access to sensitive data safely and automatically.

    With flexible configuration options, you can fix tactical issues on a folder-by-folder basis, fix inactive datasets, or perform complete enterprise-wide remediation.

  • Quickly and conclusively prove only the right people have access

    With a full record of every time someone has opened, created, moved, modified, or changed permissions to a file, it’s easy to show auditors that access is under control.

  • Label regulated data for persistent protection

    Apply labels to files according to your policies to enable search, migration, remediation, encryption, rights management, and more.

Make SARs as easy as a Google search

Varonis discovers and indexes files with personal identifiers to streamline search and lets you export results to CSV.

Instead of frantically searching data stores, you can handle SARs with a single query.

Effortlessly sustain compliance over time

Continuously updated, pre-built policies and rules

Get live updates to your classification library. Our team ships new patterns and rules on a regular basis—no need to perform manual upgrades.

Automate policy enforcement and quarantine misplaced files

Enforce retention policies with ease using custom rules to move, archive, or delete data based on content type, age, access activity, and more.

Powerful Integrations

Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with leading technology partners from storage to security.

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Flexible APIs

Develop custom workflows for incident response, IAM, classification, change control, and more.

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We’ve helped thousands of organizations operationalize data security.

We’ve developed a proven, repeatable methodology you can follow to monitor, protect, and manage your data, ensuring you take a failsafe approach to address the logical dependencies only learned through years of experience.

And we support you every step of the way.

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See exactly where you’re exposed without investing hours or paying a dime.

We’ll hand you the exact same insights consultants normally charge (a lot) for. All in less than 90 minutes of your time, without disrupting your network

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