Data Classification Labels

Find, Label, and Protect Your Critical Files

Automatically apply persistent sensitivity labels to encrypt, obfuscateor lock down your most important files.

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Automate data security with dynamic labels

Create granular labeling policies to fit your organization’s data protection and privacy requirements and Varonis will automatically label files.

  • Hundreds of built-in policies to keep up with changing privacy laws
  • True incremental scanning built for large environments
  • Pinpoint accuracy means fewer false positives

Fully integrated with Microsoft Information Protection

Varonis automatically classifies sensitive data, even data that’s been encrypted by AIP, with our best-in-class scanning
engine and applies persistent MIP labels. Here’s how it works.

Map a Varonis classification policy to an MIP label
Automatically apply MIP labels with Varonis
Enforce data protection policies
Integrate with EDR & DLP to prevent data loss

Fill gaps left with manual labeling

Easily identify files that may have been mislabeled by users or that aren’t labeled at all by comparing MIP labels to Varonis classification results. Varonis can automatically fix labels in bulk, or you can manually reconcile them.

Integrate with EDR & DLP to extend protection

Forget complicated and expensive integrations. Varonis integrates easily with EDR and DLP solutions using
extended file properties. Labels persist, even when files leave the organization, ensuring sensitive data
stays protected.


Adapt to Policy Changes

Automatically re-label files when a policy changes or if the content of the file changes to no longer match the policy. If a label no longer applies, you can easily remove it, ensuring your data protection efforts are always up to date.

Take labeling to the next level

Answer critical information about your most sensitive data to ensure it stays protected.

  • See exactly which users have access to sensitive files
  • Get permissions removal recommendations
  • Revoke excessive access without interrupting business continuity
  • Track every file access event and permission change
  • Monitor when data is shared through sharing links
  • Alert on abnormal data access behavior
  • Get a full audit log of on-prem and cloud-based data activity
  • Compare activity to normal working hours
  • Spot geohopping and other unusual behavior

Make data protection part of your
data security strategy

Together with Microsoft, Varonis delivers end-to-end data protection capabilities. See how you can make
sensitivity labels part of a broader data security strategy.


Which platforms are supported for labeling?

Supported platforms are Windows, SharePoint on-prem (2013, 2016), NetApp 8.0 and later (CIFS only), and EMC Isilon OneFS.

What file types does Data Classification Labels support?

Adobe PDF, Visio, Word, Excel, and PPT

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