Automation Engine

Risk Remediation on Autopilot

Automatically repair and maintain file system permissions so that you’re less vulnerable to internal and external threats, more compliant, and consistently following a least privilege model.

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Safely remove global
access groups

Your organization likely has thousands of overexposed sensitive folders. It only takes one leaked sensitive file to cause a headline-making data breach. With Automation Engine, you can safely remediate global access across your corporate file shares in days, not years.

Safely remove global access groups

How it works

Automation Engine safely removes global access groups by replacing them with single purpose groups, putting the right users in every time. With flexible configuration options, you can fix tactical issues on a folder-by-folder basis, fix inactive datasets, or perform complete enterprise-wide remediation.


58% of companies have over 100,000 folders open to every employee

Too many organizations have overexposed and unprotected files and emails on corporate networks worldwide. Almost all of them need to be fixed.

Think about what it means from a risk perspective. And now think about what it means that manually fixing a single folder – without breaking anything – can take six to eight hours.


How many exposed folders can you fix with a day's worth of effort?

It can be extremely risky and time-consuming to manually remediate global access:

Find or create the right role-based group
Work with business stakeholders to verify the right members
Remove the global access group
Wait for the users that aren’t in the group to call with complaints that they can’t access their data

With Automation Engine, this excruciating task can be safely automated without an army of consultants, saving your team months of manual work.

Manually – maybe one?
DatAdvantage – dozens
Automation Engine – hundreds to thousands

Self-healing permissions

Inconsistent ACLs are a plague to large IT environments. They result in users either not getting access to data they need or, even worse, getting too much access. Automation Engine will dramatically reduce your risk surface by isolating these hard-to-detect security gaps and fix them automatically.

Self-healing permissions

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A dedicated engineer will do all the heavy-lifting and you’ll get a comprehensive report that highlights at-risk sensitive data, flags access control issues, and quantifies risk—so that when you’re asked what you’re doing to prevent becoming the next cybersecurity headline, you’re already ahead of the game.

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“Too many organizations are drowning in an ocean of unsecured and overexposed data, yet have little or no indication that they’re in danger.”

John Carlin, former Assistant Attorney General, National Security

“Prior to implementing a least privilege model with Varonis, 40% of our files were overexposed when they didn’t need to be."

Denise Evans, Vice President of Information Technology, Miramax

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

  • What hardware/software do I need to run the Automation Engine?

    The Automation Engine requires Varonis DatAdvantage. You don’t need to install additional hardware or software to run Automation Engine.

  • How long does it take to set up the Automation Engine? 

    Simply customize permissions group names to match your current group naming conventions, and let the Automation Engine clean up your Global Access Groups.  

  • Will the Automation Engine slow down my servers? 

    Nope! The performance impact of Automation Engine is roughly the same as if you right-click a folder and select Properties. Because that’s basically what it does, just much faster than you (or any human) could. 

  • How often do I need to run the Automation Engine? 

    You only need to run Automation Engine once to remove Global Access Groups. If you want the Automation Engine to clean up broken inheritance, you can set it to run on a regular schedule. This helps keep your permissions clean and free of issues. 

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